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onsdag 9 augusti 2017

West still mourning Saddam Hussein! – Part III

West still mourning Saddam Hussein! – Part III
Dr. Sorran Arasan | Exclusive to
Who is terrorist?
Labeling the Kurds as terrorist and strip them from their humanity.

Another obstacle for peace and stability in the ME has been the will of the West to ratify it’s political and ideological extension in the same part of the world that has been traumatized psychologically by the Western’s intervention to assert their specific interests; they be economical interests, imposing cultural and religious values and political arrogance, for centuries. This policy has created a sense of disgust among the people of ME towards the West which in turn play into the hands of Turkey, Iran and Saudi who have created, supported, nourished ideologically and spread out terrorist organizations for a long time. Unfortunately, the West has submitted the occupiers of Kurdistan, wrongly and immorally labeled the Kurds, who struggle for their freedom, as terrorist in the pursuing political and economical aims.
The Kurdish autonomy move that can be the first step toward a federal system in future Syria is anathema to Turkey, a NATO ally, that managed to exclude the Kurds from the United Nations- mediated peace talk on Syria, which must be embarrassing for the West as advocate of human rights. What does the world can expect from such a peace process that exclude one of the main part in this conflict? Rojava has been governed in this part of Kurdistan for some years now. This governing has not respected the democratic principles as we have wished, has shortage in economy and weaponry, still managed security for the area in its control where people live and can tackle with the difficulties that are inevitable in the time of war. It has defeated IS in many fronts despite lack of modern weapons. The policy of excluding Rojava in the peace process to please Turkey is immoral and unjust in humanitarian discourse and strategically a myopic policy.
The United States has said it opposes Syrian Kurds ambition to form an autonomous self-ruled region because the ultimate goal of these talks is a national unity government that keeps Syria united. The U.S. has also said it would support a federal system if that’s what the Syrian people agree on. But it is quite obvious that the majority of Syrian people either aren’t politically active or they have chosen leaders who are pupped of Turkey, Persian, Saudi Arabia or support IS. Practically, it means that U.S. and EU leave the future of Syria in the hands of Russia, Turkey, Persian and Saudi. In this political quagmire of Syria, the only party that can have a constructive role in the future of Syria and is independent is PYD. Alas, it is an undemocratic organization that has a character of cult of personality centered in Ocalan. PYD has to change its ideology, its political discourse, embrace democracy, pluralism and distance itself from Ocelanism if it wants to be a successful actor in the liberation of Kurdistan.
This ideology is a consequence of oppression and repression of Kurds by Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran along with their Western support. To isolate and call PKK, and its branches for terrorist organizations is unfair, unjust, ignorant, arrogant and benighted, not because PKK has not been a violent organization, but because its violence is just a lite fraction of the violence the Kurds have been facing at the hands of the occupier of Kurdistan during a long time. As Nelson Mandela once said: give the Kurds their right, their weapons get client automatically.
Definition of terrorism:
Systematic use of violence and intimidation with the purpose achieving some goal.
-Use of violence or threat of violence especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims, religious, or ideological change.
-It can only be committed by non-state actors or undercover personnel serving on the behalf of their respective governments.
-It is both mala prohibita (i.e., crime that is made illegal by legislation) and mala in se (i.e., crime that is inherently immoral or wrong).
It does not matter if the crime is carried out by properly uniformed or legal combatants of nation state.
The atrocious crime the occupiers of Kurdistan have committed against the people of Kurdistan can’t just be define by the words violence and threat. They have committed genocides and massacres, taken Kurdish girls and women as sex slaves (at the time of Ottoman empire when the Kurds couldn’t afford the taxes the Empire imposed on them, at time of anfal in the Southern Kurdistan and later bay IS, Daash), deporting millions of Kurds from their ancient land (to Khorasan, Western Turkey Southern Iraq. And even the Turks had plan, at the time of Ottoman Empire, to deport the whole Kurdish people in its territory to Libya.
The occupiers have made countless systematic and violently attempt to assimilate and even annihilate the hole Kurdish nation and destroyed thousands of villages in Kurdistan. The question is why the democratic world, the world so loudly and proudly claim that it gives humanity the principles of human rights, equality, democracy etc. does not call these actors who committed the atrocity in Kurdistan as terrorist states and instead puts the Stalinist organization, PKK, on the list of terrorist? Because the democratic world acts in accordance with the principles of realism? Then it should accept that its nature (the human nature) is flaw (classic realism) or it just pursuits more power (neorealism) or both of them. And we Kurds must be realism too, if we want freedom in these world. Ideological obligation to religion and socialism have divide us and made us slaves in our home, we are slaves because we have been denying our fundamental rights and have been stripping from our humanity.
When is the right time for Kurds to get their fundamental rights?
Know, the independence referendum for Southern Kurdistan is scheduled to be held on 25th September 2017, but the democratic world believes that the time is not right for this referendum. One should ask the world, when is the right time for the people of Southern Kurdistan to vote for their destiny, to say how they want to be governed in the future? When the Mula (Persian priest), the Sultan of Turks or the Kalifa of Arab’s world get civilized just like the Western leaders, who despite being civilized in many decades still deny the most fundamental rights of Kurdish people? When another Sultan, IS or anfalist comes around and take the Kurdish girls as sex slaves? When you (the West) get the opportunity and come up with another Sykes- Picot plan? Or, when Churchill of democratic world, Messiah, Mehdi or Lenin comes down from heaven and fill the world with justice!? When Barzanists and Ocelanists become democratic people? May be, When the rule of law, justice, respect for human rights and prosperity come to Kurdistan as some good willing but naive people want before independence?!
We should bring in mind that: The awaiting time for Messiah and Mehdi are created by the mind of those who have been deprived from a worthy live, have been given a dreadful one and unfortunately this time is as long as the miserable destiny itself. Probably the Kurdish parties remain almost the same as long as the Kurds are deprived from their rights; simply because the occupiers of Kurdistan need them, the occupiers by themselves can’t be as effective obstacle on the way of freedom for the people of Kurdistan as the Kurdish parties themselves are. But what you can be sure on is that the grand children of Sykes, Picot and Churchill are awaiting another opportunity to divide and rule.
Human rights or hypocrisy?
To be realistic, democracy never comes to the ME before the third largest nation of the region, the Kurds, get their full rights. Those who care about democracy, human rights, equality, justice, rule of law in the region and want prosperity and development in the ME should bring in mind that non of these happens before the independence of Kurdistan; simply because 1- as long as the rights of the third largest nation in the region is denied these phrases are just empty words worth nothing, 2- the competition between Persians and Turks for being the regional power and their hegemony of vision are the biggest obstacles for the beginning of the process of democratization in the ME. By partition of these two countries and creating a national state for the people of Kurdistan these obstacles will vanish. I am aware of, the partition of Iran and Turkey is not an easy task but there is no other option. Let’s begin with partition of Iraq if we care about democracy, human rights, equality, justice and so on.
The policy of hypocrisy has undermined the principles of human rights that West so proudly advocate it, the West pretend to defend human rights but when its interests are threatened and the state of emergency is eminent then the West changes the tactic. In handling its dispute with Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia the West chooses a way similar to the way a billionaire selects to deal with a kidnapper: paying the ransom to solve the immediate problem and sets a dangerous precedent. For instance, to solve the refugee crisis the European planned to pay 6 billion Euro to Turkey and agree to reopen talks on Turkey’s accession to the EU. Unfortunately, the European has treated a humanitarian emergency catastrophe like a border security problem. Similar policies have many times in history been performed in Kurdistan; be they ignoring the basic human value, betraying the people of Kurdistan just to please the occupiers of our land.
The West especially Europe should bring in mind that the more you give the regional powers in the ME the more they want, which in turn catalyze even more blackmails. Just think about Erdogan’s demand, when he wanted the German government publicly recognize his claim that he has been ridiculed by the satirist, Jan Böhmermann, and it is wrong. Such demand is by any measure unrealistic and one find it hard to believe that a modern and understood sate chef anywhere in the world can have such image of democracy in year 2017, but Erdogan does not perceive that the freedom to lampoon leaders, politicians, religions, religious leaders… is one of the crucial differences between democracy, liberalism respectively autocracy and theocracy. You would not have been surprised if you had perceived him as a product of Kamalism and Islamofascism. Freedom of expression, in any circumstances, cannot and must not be negotiated with the leaders of Middle East who behave like autocrats and bullies and do not understand the core of democracy.
Turkish and Persian demands has already undermined the cornerstone of democracy in West. By compromising on the fundamental and basic human rights which guaranty self determination for Kurdish people, as other nations, the West submitted the regional power in ME and thereby abandoned its legacy on the basic principles of human rights and abandoned its moral obligation too. The question is, how the West now confront the violations of human rights in Kurdistan, which it has been part of by assisting the occupiers of Kurdistan? Will the West support independence of Southern [Iraqi] Kurdistan or will it put sticks in the wheels of the process?
The Kurds have been stripped of their humanity for centuries and the way the Kurds have been treated poses at least a critical moral test for the civilized world. But does the civilized world care about humanity and moral? The civilized world’s policy in handling the disorder in the world, especially in the ME, its will and capacity to bring a new order to the world, and particularly willingness helping to end injustice and human rights violations against the Kurdish people would definitely be a moral test for the civilized world. And, to justify its moral obligation, the first step in this test is that the West stops mourning Saddam, supporting other dictators in the ME and honestly assists the people of Kurdistan in getting their fundamental rights.
Dr. Sorran Arasan, Sweden. He is a senior contributing writer for is part 3 of a 8-part series titled “West still mourning Saddam Hussein!”, see below.
The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own.
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