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söndag 6 augusti 2017

Shengal genocide condemned in Celle

Shengal genocide condemned in Celle
Hundreds of Kurds and their friends marched in German city Celle to condemn the Shengal genocide by ISIS gangs three years ago.

Hundreds of Kurds and their friends marched in German city Celle to condemn the Shengal genocide. The march was organised by Centre of Êzidî Associations Union (NAV-YEK) and was joined by many Kurdish people and their German friends.
The people gathered at 14.00 yesterday in front of the municipality carrying flags of Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ), and held a minute of silence before they set out for the march.
Sheikh Huseyin spoke during the demonstration and stated that they staged the march in response to the enemy and murderers that perpetrated the Shengal genocide three years ago.
Speaking after, Hildesheim’s Democratic Kurdish Society Centre Co-chair Hayat Donma said, "As an Êzidî woman I am here to condemn the Shengal genocide. We didn't bow our heads to the enemy who will never be able to attack us again as long as women keep resisting. The same goes for us Kurds when we unite to resist, then nobody will be able to harm us."
Celle’s Democratic Kurdish Society Center Co-chair Keje Biliki started her speech with honouring the martyrs and said, "I salute the mothers of martyrs, the guerrillas and Leader Öcalan. We will stand with our leader and follow his path until the last drop of our blood."
Left Party representative in Celle, Hediye Uca, also held a speech, recalling the mass killings of thousands of Êzidîs three years ago, and stressing that Shengal needs to be an autonomous region today.
Speeches were also held by Secretary of Êzidî Associations in Europe, Tarik Hemo, and NAV-DEM Hannover Co-chair Letif Karakaş.
HDP Mardin parliamentarian Ali Atalan highlighted the importance of self-defense, stating that the genocide could only happen because the Êzidî community in Shengal lacked organisation and an own self-defense mechanism.
The demonstration ended with chants of the slogan "Long Live Resistance of Shengal".

Shengal genocide condemned in Berlin

Kurdish people living in German city Berlin took to the streets to condemn the ISIS’ genocide against Êzidîs in Shengal three years ago.
On occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the Shengal genocide perpetrated by ISIS and accomplice forces on 3 August 2014, Kurdish people living in German capital city Berlin followed the call of Centre of Êzidî Associations Union and Dersim Freedom Initiative and gathered yesterday in front of the city hall in Alexander Platz Rote Square, joined by representatives of many organisations.
Throughout the march of two kilometres until the Brandenburger Tor, the demonstrators chanted slogans such as "Long live the resistance of the Kurdish people", "Long live the resistance of Shengal", "Long live leader Apo" and "Long live Kurdistan".
After the mass reached their destination, speeches were made in condemnation of the terror of ISIS and complicity of the KDP in the 73rd massacre decree by handing over Shengal to ISIS.
At the Brandenburger Tor, the German police took three Kurds into custody under the pretext of the songs and slogans they chanted. After the mass showed reaction to the detainments and stood firm in front of the Brandenburger Tor, the detained persons were let free and the demonstration ended.

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