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onsdag 18 september 2019

Another fox game from them the Nazis and the racists

Another fox game from them the Nazis and the racists

Madeleine Olsson is thus trying to use laws and rules for her bad debts

After I tried to make a meeting with Madeleine Olsson's boss there is probably the movie a girl and a man with Arab backgrounds tried to stop the boss would not take up meeting with me ... Today was told the social service it is a fox game from Madeleine Olsson and others who have anti-Semitic views ,,, They did it to fool the people employed a person who sometimes participates in protests with the Iranian organization mojahedin ,, the person one day did not work with the organization she may do so ,,, there is more information we need investigating ,,,, It thinks she is a high person within the Iranian organization ,,,,, she may have told them that she is one of Iranian organization mojahedin khalgh important members, but in principle she is not. Because they know I already worked with that organization when I lived in Iraq.

The woman has seen several times called the followers of the Iranian organization mojahedin, but in principle she is not there are more suspicious. I will soon be publishing all the conversations I had with those working on the social services and I had a meeting with them .. especially Madeleine Olsson who trampled on her conscience and attacked with words in front of my children's eyes

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