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lördag 28 juni 2014

New Israeli envoy in Kurdistan

New Israeli envoy in Kurdistan
We know these jihadists, fought against them in the past in Iraq and Syria, "said Walla News Bassam resident independent Kurdish region in Iraq and the Kurdish army fighter, is currently engaged in halting the progress of Sunni insurgents. Bassam believes that the Kurds will overcome the jihadists, but admits' they can make the entire area hell. "

The discussion held as part of a journey along the volatile border of Turkey with Syria and Iraq, the area between the Syrian city of Qamishli city Iraqi - Kurdish Zaho. Fighters Daas has been announced following their achievements in Iraq, this region - which has already conducted two severe clashes between Kurds - is the next target.
The most noticeable thing is the journey along the alert level of the Turkish army, trying to cover all the meters available throughout the area. Turkish side of the border quiet life happens regularly, but damage situation in Syria and Iraq are clearly visible: Refugees come to seek shelter, businesses based on cross-border commerce and dozens injured Turkish truck drivers are held hostage to the region in Iraq, after being kidnapped by the jihadists.
Hard not to think about the lack of logic of the historical limits area: cities and towns of the three sides of the border look the same, and the ethnic divisions are one big jumble: Kurds, Turks, Arabs and Christians live throughout the region, regardless of borders.

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