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måndag 16 juni 2014

The Iranian regime wants to trick Kurdish leaders,

The Iranian regime wants to trick Kurdish leaders,
 because the Iranian regime called Kurdish leaders to tehran and today Nechirwan barzani and qubad Talabani with some of went to iran and they met many of the Iranian leader in tehran.
Iran has sent three battalions of the Revolutionary Guards to Iraq to defend Nouri Al Maleki also baghdad.
Those three battalion deployed to Iraq to defend Baghdad, but yesterday 69 of them were killed by Iraqi radical Islamic insurgents, the next one of those battalion were killed by Iraqi radical rebels.
now iran know that can not do anything in Iraq has bet massoud barzani and Talabani to ally with Iran against daash and other Iraqi opponents,
the dangerous political role of games in the middle east is very dangerous and Kurds must go hand in hand and those Kurdish leader leaders must think of Kurdish independence, because we can never live in peace with the Arab, Turkish and Persian, we must consider the Kurdistan independence.
with regards samuel kermashani

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