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lördag 16 januari 2016

Iranian terrorist army awards pro-government Kurdish media in Iran

Iranian  terrorist army awards pro-government Kurdish media in Iran

Kurdistan – The Iranian army on Saturday honored several local journalists and reporters from Kurdish cities in Iran, reportedly for advocating the interests of the Islamic Republic.

Mohammed Reza Qassemi, head of the military’s media department, said in the predominantly Kurdish city of Sina that the journalists of the Basij paramilitary were like thorns in the eyes of enemies, protectors of the Islamic Republic and authoritarian rulers.

He said journalists working for the benefit of the Islamic shiits isis Republic deserved “respect” for their efforts.

The majority of journalists awarded at the ceremony were from licensed Kurdish media outlets that have been active for the past several years. 

Encouraging the journalists, the army's top media official called on them to redouble efforts in opposing those against the Islamic Republic and its pro-government media.

Iran’s estimated 18 million Kurds live in some of the most deprived areas of Iran and complain of discrimination and denial of the right to study in their own ethnic language at public schools in Kurdish regions.

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