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fredag 1 januari 2016

KCK: 2016 will witness an unprecedented struggle by Kurdish people

KCK: 2016 will witness an unprecedented struggle by Kurdish people.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement wishing freedom, democracy, peace and stability for all humanity, peoples of Middle East, Turkey and the Kurds in the new year.

The statement by KCK recalled that the year of 2015 witnessed both great joys and pains for the peoples and humanity around the globe; defeat of ISIS and its supporters-mainly Turkey- by the Kobanê resistance that was supported by whole humanity; liberation of Kobanê and Shengal from the occupation of gang groups; defeat of this fascist gang by Kurdish combatants in all areas.
Pointing to Turkish state’s all-out war initiated against the Kurdish people’s freedom struggle, KCK noted that the AKP government wants to build a dictatorship through a suppression of Kurdish people’s struggle and Turkey’s democratic revolutionary dynamics. “The year of 2015 passed with a struggle between those desiring to build dictatorship in Turkey and those desiring to democratize Turkey. It is understood that this struggle will continue by growing severer in 2016.”
KCK stressed that Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and Kurdish freedom movement created a hope of democracy and freedom for the peoples of Turkey by presenting a draft of democratic negotiation in early 2015, then enabling a consensus on Dolmabahçe Agreement. The statement also recalled that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan carried Turkey into an environment of tension and conflict by neglecting this agreement, ending the dialogue and subjecting Öcalan to aggravated isolation.
The KCK statement continued; “While our peoples became hopeful once again on 7 June, President Erdoğan and AKP staged a second political coup and started another 12 September process. With the 1 November elections, this coup was legitimized and the war was escalated to a further extend. Today, Turkey is going through a second 12 September period. The genocidal institutional fascism which 12 September failed to accomplish is now intended to be realized by the AKP government through an alliance with the MHP. What they call a new constitution will be an entire restoration and a new version of the 12 September coup.”
Pointing out that the Kurdish people have started to mount self-rule resistance in response to AKP’s attempt of a second coup, KCK described this resistance as the greatest revolutionary democratic initiative of the year 2015, adding; “This resistance will be endured uninterruptedly during the year of 2016 as well. Kurdish people’s fight will continue in cities, towns, lowlands, mountains, metropolitans and everywhere until they attain a free and democratic living. 2016 will witness an unprecedented resistance of self-sacrifice to attain a free and democratic living for not only Kurds but also all Turkey’s peoples.”
KCK vowed that Kurdish Freedom Movement will defeat the ISIS and its collaborators in Turkey, Bakur (North), Rojava (West) and Bashur (South) Kurdistan, noting that defeat of ISIS will also pave the way for democratization in the Middle East.
“Kurdish people’s struggle for democracy and freedom will play its role as the democratic revolutionary power of the entire Middle East, and 2016 will become a year of democratic revolutions in the Middle East.”
KCK called upon all peoples to take up a more active role in the struggle for freedom and democracy in 2016, and voiced wishes for democracy, freedom and peace for the Kurdish people, Turkey’s peoples and all humanity during the new year.

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