Guerrillas have arrested many members of the Turkish army and police during the process of war started by the Turkish state this year. Despite the state’s efforts to make the public opinion forget about these detentions, families of those under arrest are resorting to political parties and NGOs, to ask for a resolution. Yet, the state has taken no single step in this regard so far.

ANF reporters have reached 8 of the Turkish officers who remain under arrest in guerrilla areas in South Kurdistan territory. Two of these are police officers, and the other six are members of the Turkish army. Members of Turkish security forces called for peace through this interview with ANF.
In the meantime, HPG officials have confirmed the ongoing arrest of two members of Turkish intelligence service MIT.
Soldier Adıl Kavaklı: I am from Osmaniye. I am sending greetings to my parents and all those I love. I do not want them to be worried about me. Thankfully, I am fine here. I hope this new year brings peace to the whole world. I want nations and peoples around the globe to live together in fraternity. I hope to be back near my family once peace is attained. We are waiting here for support from our state and public opinion. We want peace and want an agreement to be reached through talks, not battle.
Specialized sergeant Hüseyin Sarı: I am from Kahramanmaraş. I was detained as a result of a road control (by guerrillas) on Diyarbakır-Lice road while on the way to my own wedding on 13 August. I remain arrested here for four and a half months. My wedding was left unfinished. I would like my family, wife and relatives to know that I am fine and in good state of health here. And I am asking my wife to wait for me to conclude our wedding. I hope the new year brings peace and health to Turkey and the whole world. I would also like to call on authorities (of the state) to help us.
Soldier Muslüm Altıntaş: I was arrested on Tunceli-Erzincan road in the first 1,5 month of my military service. I wish a happy year to all my family and people I love. I want nothing other than peace. I am fine, as is everyone else, but I want to go back from here once peace is attained. I am calling on all officials to hear my voice for peace.
Gendarme Soldier Sedat Sorgun: I was born in Erzurum in 1985. I am serving at Van F Type Prison as a gendarme soldier guarding the prison. I am here since my detention while on move in August. I am fine and in good state of health. There is no single problem. As the new year approaches, we hope this war ends in these lands, everyone lives in peace and act with freedom without any violation.
Police officer Sedat Yabalak: I was born in Anamur in 1986. I am married and I have a daughter who is 20 months old. I want my family to know that we all are fine here. They should never feel worried about us. Hopefully we will be back soon.
I am a police officer. I was arrested in Lice on 28 July, and I am here since. We have no problems here. Our state of health, both physically and psychologically, is also good. I want to tell my wife that I am informed about her efforts and struggle for my release. I want her to know that I love her very much, and that we will hopefully reunite soon.
For the new year which we will welcome here, we wish peace and tranquility to our country, Middle East, all the world and humanity.
Sergeant Semih Özbey: I am from Malatya. I am captive since my arrest on Dersim’s Pülümür road on 17 September 2015. I have received no news from my family but I want them to know that I am fine. I wish my family a happy new year which I hope will bring peace to the whole world. I am in good state of health, I have no health problem. I want my family not to worry about me, and I hope to be near them soon.
Soldier Süleyman Sungur: I am from Siirt. I was doing my military service in Bingöl’s Kiği town when I got arrested on 15 August. As we enter the new year, I want peace to prevail and deaths to stop. I am sending my greetings to my family and friends, and want them to know that I am fine, there is no problem here.
Police officer Vedat Kaya: I was on leave for a wedding in Diyarbakır when I was detained from the wedding convoy. I am sending my greetings to my family and want to tell them that I am fine as all these people here behave us very well. I hope this new year brings peace to all humanity. I wouldn’t be here if there existed peace.
According to the information obtained by ANF reporters, 2 members of Turkish intelligence MIT are also under arrest by guerrillas. HPG officials have confirmed this report but rejected our demand for an interview with these Turkish MIT officers who have been reported to be Muhammed Salih Kanca from Samsun and Aydın Köse from Adıyaman.