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lördag 13 februari 2016

Syrian Kurdistan´s representative office was opened s in Moscow

Syrian Kurdistan´s representative office was opened s in Moscow.

A representative office of Syrian Kurdistan is opening in Moscow on Wednesday.This will be a representative office of an NGO that has no functions of an embassy. Russia’s Foreign Ministry earlier told TASS the opening of the Kurds’ representative office is not envisaged by the Russian legislation. Their interests are advocated by the diplomats from the embassies of Syria and Iraq. "The representative office will advocate the interests of Kurds who live in Russia and Syria, but many of them are not Syrian citizens," the chairman of the Council of the Federal National-Cultural Kurdish Autonomy, Farkhat Patiev, said in an interview with TASS last week. Syrian Ambassador to Russia told TASS commenting on the opening of the Office that Syrian Kurds are important part of society in Syria and Damascus do not divide the Syrian people upon ethnic principle.

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