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torsdag 14 april 2016

Erdogan doing the butthurt once again

Erdogan doing the butthurt once again.
Turkey: Five persons imprisoned for "insulting" the President Erdogan

Erdogan proved again he was butthurt ...

Five people were detained in Turkey for "insulting" the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which multiplies the lawsuits in and outside the country, reported Wednesday the news agency Dogan. The five men, originating in Sanliurfa province (south), are accused of insulting Turkish President on social networks, said Dogan. A sixth person was arrested before being released, according to the agency. The trial for insult to Erdogan have multiplied since his election to the State of the head in August 2014, a sign, according to critics, an authoritarian drift. Nearly 2,000 legal proceedings have been launched in Turkey for both artists and journalists as individuals. Sanctions imposed for this offense is limited in most cases to prison sentences, but a woman was sentenced Jan. 20 to eleven months in prison for an obscene gesture to the place during Erdogan's demonstration in March 2014. in Germany, two television satires aimed Erdogan have tense in recent weeks relations between Berlin and Ankara, which called for action against a comedian who portrayed the head of the Turkish state in pedophile and zoophile . The German ambassador in Ankara was even summoned for these reasons by the Turkish authorities. The German Government must decide, in the coming days, whether he authorizes charges against comedian, Jan Böhmermann to "insult" to the state of a foreign representative, an offense punishable by three years in prison.

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