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tisdag 19 april 2016

Kurds in Syria boycotted the Syrian elections

Kurds in Syria boycotted the Syrian elections.

Salih Muslim, leader PYD, Kurdish party in Syria

"As Kurds and components of Rojava [also known as Syrian Kurdistan] we have nothing to do with these elections. Nobody went for voting. The regime of Syria used to hold such false elections since decades. Maybe such practices caused the Syrian people's revolution," Leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Saleh Muslim said.

According to Hisham Shaar, the chairman of the Syria's Higher Judicial Committee for Elections (HJCE), elections took place in all parts of Syria which have not been taken over by extremists.

In 2012 he said the kurds in Syria are not extremists. Fast forward to today and the same Saleh Muslim had kurds boycott the 2016 "regime" election in Syria.Backstabbers

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