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söndag 10 april 2016

Upcoming war between Shia and Kurds after defeat of ISIS (Hidden facts) video

Upcoming war between Shia and Kurds after defeat of ISIS (Hidden facts) video
- I will like to clearify that in no way of form do I hate any groups or sects. This is simply a small story of an upcoming war. As a Kurd, I have sunni, shia, arab and persian friends who are lovely and peaceful people. If I use the term Shia, Sunni, Iranians or Saudis, im discribing groups with arms or people in power, not 1 billion Muslims around the world. So please be mindful of political correctness. I am not a professional writer, English is my third language, so please forgive me if my english are bad, i only write whats in my heart and mind.


Please do feel free to comment if you agree or dissagree with me. I hope Shia in Liveleak do comment what they think about the upcoming war?

Today because of the war in middle-east east, which all eyes are on the Islamic State, many politician and world leaders thinks after the defeat of the Islamic State, things will be much better.

However they are far from wrong. Here is why.

In this post, I would like to clearify mine intension behind this post. Im simply predicting an upcoming war between Kurds and Shia in middle.east, which will happen soon or later, the only different is, the name of the groups fighting will be different.

Future War - Iraq and Syria
You can call it Iraqi army fighting Kurdish Peshmerga or Assad forces against Kurdish YPG.
Hashd al-shaabii or Iraqi Hezbollah Vs. Kurdish forces. The names makes no different, its simply a Shia and Kurd war.

There have already been small clashes in Hasakah Province in Syria, Assad forces against Kurdish YPG, it has stopped for now. In Iraq the town of Khurmatu, there were clashes between Kurdish Peshmerga and Shia group called Popular Mobilization also knowns as ''al-Hashd al-Shaabi''' in iraq. The peshmerga have already build a wall there which separe Kurdish population with Shia population because they fear attack by Badr Brigade and Popular Mobilization forces.

Victory for Shia
Its no secret and most people knows that Iraq which is controlled by mostly by Iranian backed Shia parties and forces, they are not happy with Kurds in controll of Kerkuk which have 20% of the countries oil, the same in Syria with Kurds having controll many of the oil land.

The Shia Iraqi government and The Shia Alawite government in Syria have so far focused on Sunni hardline groups. In Syria everyone knows, Assad side already won thanks to Russia intervention which simply made sure that Assad will come out victorious in Syria.
Meanwhile In Iraq the United States is helping with arms and airtrike to defeat ISIS, Iran have played a major role in supporting Shia groups which is doing most of the fight in Iraq and Syria.

The Shia have never been so United in the fight against Sunnis. There are Shia coming from Afghanistan trained by Quds force and sent to Syria with Iraqi Shia to fight and defend Aleppo, Palmyra and Damascus in Syria.

Allah Akbar
We can't say the same about the Sunnis, they are not very united apart from some smaller groups. You can call them whatever group names likes al-nusra, al qaida, isis, sham legion or whatever, the fact is.... its a Sunnni and Shia war but different names.

Regime Change - Sunni Vs. Shia - America and Russia's proxy
The West has so far supported these Sunni groups to crush Assad, meanwhile Russian and Iran support the Shia groups to stay in power and role over large area which has sunni population. It's no secret that some of these Sunni groups wants to clean all syria and Iraq from Shia believe, anyone with ties to Shia Islam will be beheaded, so its no wonder the Shia fight for their lives against sunnis, they have no choice. We see how the Saudi government behead any shia who dares to speak up. But many Shia looks the other way when Iranian regime hangs people.

The same can be said about Shia in Iran who instead of beheading, they hang anyone who dares to speak against the ''Ayatollah or the government. its also a different story when a powerfull shia government want to rule and invade area that does not belong to them. The shia are victim of Sunni brutality, but often abusive power when they have in area they controll. Anyway we can talk all day how the British and the French created this mess in middle-east by creating fake countries and mixing ethnic groups.

War on Kurds - The Holy War for Shia
Going back to a future war between Kurds and Shia. Its very clear the Shia is going to dominate Syria and Iraq, however they won't just leave the Kurds alone. The fucus will shift to targeting Kurds once the Sunnis lose.

Remember for the Shia, its a also holy war and they believe in a upcoming prophet who will clean the world from evil, which is not a bad thing, but the problem is, they will use this to justify war on Kurds. As an example, there are already Shia text which says ''Kurds are people from demons'' ''Must not marry from them.'' For some people reading this, it may be funny to you, but for many Shia believers, this is good enough proof to justify war on Kurds, on behalf of a Shia cleric who will order a another holy war against demons or agents.

Shia leaders would want to take back territory taken by Kurds from ISIS, so the Shia leaders will use ''Fatwa'' to justify war on Kurds like the supreme leader of Iran the ''Ayatollah'' did during the Massacre of Kurds in Iran during the 70's. If they don't use fatwa, they will atleast use words like ''Kurds are agent of Israel or America'' so any order from Shia cleric will simply put many Shia on attack mode against Kurds. For some of you whom may not believe this post, you have the right to think that, but time will prove you wrong.

Kurds are of Demon orgin?
So why are Kurds often called infidel, demons or ghost?
Kurds live in area where their neigbors are Arabs and Persian. the Arabs and Persian have fought eachother for thousands of years, even today under different name. (Saudis Vs. Iran). For thousands of years, Kurds which was called Medes during Ancient times have always been caught between war of two empires. The Arab Empire gave Medes two choices ''Are you with us? Or the Persians?'' Which translates to, Will you join our empire? or do we force you to join?''. You know what Kurds will answer to that. So the Babylonians which are todays Iraqi decandes fought Kurds for tousands of years. Again the same people, only with different religion and names. The Bible mentions the Kurds few times example in Isaiah 13:15-18 ''For I will stir up the Medes against Babylon, who do not care for silver and have no delight in gold'' ''Daniel lost consciousness after this dream and an angel appeared to him, saying that the ram he had seen was the king of the Medes.'' This is a simple verse from the bible which talk about The Medes And The Persians fighting the evil Babylonians.

So as you see here, there's always been war in middle-east, only different names. Here are some more examples why some Shia and eSunnis sees Kurds as infidel or demons. One of the example's are during the Islam conquest of Persia. The Kurds ''Medes'' fought hundred of years against the Sunni conquest of Middle-east, often destroyed armies and retreated to the mountains. The Sunnis spread rumors that they lost because Satan himself or Jinns ''Demons'' helped the ''Medes and Persians'',

When Saladin of Kurdish orgin invaded middle-east with his Kurdish army, there were all kind of rumors by Shia and Sunnis about Saladin being decandes of Demons and Satan himself. During the first Iraqi and Kurdish war, Kurds defeated the 48,000 Iraqi troops in North-Iraq who tried to Invade the Kurdish region, Saddam's loyalist spread rumors of ''Ghost'' being behind the scene. Mullah all over Mosul spread rumors of Kurds being infidels by making deal with the ghost and demons. Again another excuse to justify another war which happen in the second Kurdish and Iraqi war, but this time supported by the West and the United States of America.

Propaganda Against Shia
Before watching the video down, this is simply a propaganda video toward Shia muslims created by a Sunni Salafi. I do not accept or tolerate any hate toward Shia, Sunni, Jews, Christians or Atheist. However the reason for me to post this, I don't agree with mocking Shia believe, however there are some true that ''Some
Shia hates Kurds'', not all shia, but mostly the powerful people who have influence over large Shia community. Iran have a large Kurdish population of 8milliom It's in Iran's interesert to use Shia groups as proxies to fight Kurds in order to crush the Kurdish dream of Independence. The same with Erdogan, the only different is, he uses Sunni Salafi groups like ISIS and Al-nusra. The lastest one now in Aleppo which Jaysh-Al Islam used chemical weapon.

Who Benefits from MIddle-east in End?
So everything comes down too who benefits? Well of course its the arm dealers. People who earn Billions of dollars by selling weapons to armed groups. The Sunni and Shia war is a perfect opportunity for Powerful countries to benefit from it. The citizion or the people of these powerful countries does not get anything out of it apart from paying more taxes and watch CNN and Fox News on who will be better president rescue their country next. They also get screwed every 4 or 8 years. Also Middle-east civilians suffer mostly from it. And more importantly, no matter what happens, always Jews or Israel will be blamed for it.

Ayway I want you to understand why there will be war between Kurds and Shia. If you understand the Ideology of Islam, than you understand what a simle order from a Religious cleric or a simple word from a book will do.

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