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onsdag 6 april 2016

isis agreement between Turkey and Sweden three months ago.

isis agreement between Turkey and Sweden
Agreement between the terrorist organization Islamic State Isis and the
 Swedish government mediated by the Turkish government.
Some of the Swedish security service and the Swedish Embassy in Ankara had a meeting with the Islamic brutal terrorist organization
And Eakin, Fidan the Turkish intelligence chief with the Swedes discussed with Isis, and had probably good agreement.

Turkey Isis and Sweden agree that any Palestinian who lives in Sweden to get a job those who can not speak the language well Sweden must treat them just like the Swedes to be treated.
Also Swedish authority shall treat them 189 isis members who live well and give Sweden Isis members who want them.
 Sweden will treat badly Kurdish people living in Sweden if Sweden would then isis will not attack Swedish interest.
The Kurds will not get any work if any Kurds have jobs in Sweden must be fired.
1 Sweden will work with Isis and purchase of human organs of Isis and provide weapons to isis through Turkey because Sweden and Isis have the same enemy and this is Russia we're going to be together against the Russian dirty people ..

2 Sweden will help a lot Palestinian people living in Sweden and well treat the Palestinian people who live in Sweden all the Palestinian people will get jobs and earn good money, Sweden should boycott against Israel, and from which Sweden will not buy anything from the Israelis.

3 Sweden will not give any help to the Kurdish living in Sweden because the Kurds as the Israeli people.
 Kurds may not be working and earning money also Kurds who have a residence permit in Sweden can only receive social assistance no more.

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