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onsdag 24 oktober 2018

I do not understand why Swedish media believe in Turkish lied political propaganda against the Kurdish nation?

I do not understand why Swedish media believe in Turkish lied political propaganda against the Kurdish nation?

Turkish politicians known as bluffers liar and fox players. Are you courage when you are sentenced to terrorist or pointed to Turkey's terrorist terrorist.

Perhaps the person who had Swedish citizens has written something like the Turkish regime previously disregarded his facebook page or instagram or has discussed with any of the Turkish agents and spoke of the Turkish crime against humanity in Kurdistan because the Turkish regime found that the person had links to PKK.

Turks known to the world as liars and bluffs I do not think the person had any links to PKK Maybe he visited the Kurdish area or wanted to go to Syria's Kurdistan and in the Turks eyes All Kurds are terrorists, I do not understand why Swedish politicians believe in Turkish propaganda? What is strange that PKK suspects to murder Olof Palme? We do not think that because PKK did not have to do with palm trees, it was the same group as planned and gave drugs to Meavic, so murdered Anna Lindh ... why they dare not reveal the killer group in Sweden?

in Turkey, just saying that Kurdistan or saying I'm a kurd then can be mentioned as terrorists We urge Swedish media not to look for Turkish propaganda Everything that Turkey says is absolutely not right ...

Swedish media with such things lose their credibility with the Swedish people.

Swedish citizen with PKK clutch grip in Turkey lie

A Swedish citizen with suspected connections to the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK has been detained in Turkey, reports the news agency Reuters.

The UD's press service says on Tuesday night that they can neither confirm nor dementiate the data.
Turkish authorities have deprived a Swedish citizen of the city of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey, near the border with Syria. It reports Reuters.

According to the news agency, the person is of Turkish descent and has suspected connections with the terrorist-based Kurdish organization PKK.

According to Turkish police and intelligence information, the person must travel to Turkey to meet people with connections to the PKK, and also have "organized meetings and activities" for PKK's Swedish branch.

The press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can not confirm or dement the data at 21 o'clock on Tuesday night.

20 percent of Turkey's population
The organization is terrorist-class in much of the world, including the United States, NATO and the EU. Since the mid 80's, the PKK has made armed struggle to establish an independent Kurdish state in southern Turkey. About 20 percent of Turkey's 80 million inhabitants are Kurds.

During the late summer and autumn, Turkish military bombed several PKK bases in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan. It has also threatened to send troops to the organization's bases in the Qandil mountain range, on the border between Iraq and Iran.

In Sweden, PKK is best known for its alleged involvement in the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. The PKK track, run by the investigation's first team leader Hans Holmér, proved to be meaningless.

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