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söndag 28 oktober 2018

Poet and writer and physician Dr. Fahime Isadpanah known as Zari Isfahani, his soul is happy.

The humbling death of the poet; committed and fierce writer Dr. Zari Isfahani
Doctor, painter, poet and author Mrs. Zari Isfahani died on October 26th due to cancer.
She was a brave and fierce woman in the struggle against the anti-women regime of Velayat-e faqih, and used his pen with his bold and enlightened poetry and writings as a sharp and effective weapon against the regime and its mercenaries.

Dr. Zari Isfahani always spoke honestly and boldly and praised the faith and respect of the revolutionary warriors whom I had for years co-sponsored and reciprocated.
She also did not die in the support and sympathy with the Iranian people, especially street children and street children, and political prisoners.
This fact is clearly expressed in the poem "Live the Moon of the Prisoner" with all its being. Remember it in the fight against oppression and tyranny, and for the courage and dignity of freedom and justice.
We are sorry to announce to all of Dr.  Fahimeh  izadpanah  Dr. Fahimeh izadpanah.. Zari's friends and followers that after a long and hard battle with cancer, she has passed away. She was surrounded by family and friends the entire time. She requested that her love and good will be sent to all her friends and followers. We will be making an effort to compile her large volume of writings for publication and for now will keep her Facebook page open. 
She was a dear friend to many; a doctor, a poet, a humanitarian, and a mother. 
May god bless her soul and may she rest in peace, and may her name be remembered forever. 
Her family, her friends, and her son are heartbroken and will miss her forever. 
I am extremely sad to hear that my good friend Dr. Zari Isfahani has passed away and now she is resting in peace in the heaven of all freedom lovers whose struggle was against dictatorship of evil forces and to bring freedom, democracy, justice and peace for people of Iran. Future generations of Iran will remember her for tireless activism of more than 40 years against both dictatorship of the Shah’s regime and the fascist regime of Mullahs of Iran. I cherish the memories of her writings and poetry in defense of the Rights of workers and women suffering under Iranian Mullahs regime as her pen was mightier than a sword.
Dr. Zari Isfahani 1955-2018
Rest in Peace

Sincerely Samuel Kermashahi

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