Second day meetings in the 18th Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) General Assembly continues in Baarlo, the Netherlands. KNK co-chairs, members, executive council members and representatives from political parties and organizations from four parts of Kurdistan are attending the assembly where discussions were held on the solution of crises in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East.
KCDK-E Co-chair Yuksel Koc spoke in the meeting where the importance of Kurdish people’s unity and the National Congress was discussed. Koc stressed that the genocidal attacks against Kurdish people continue still.
Koc added that Kurds living in Europe have a great role to play against these attacks: “There are over 3 million Kurds in Europe. We must work harder for actions and diplomatic efforts in Europe against attacks in Kurdistan, where World War III is taking place.”
Koc pointed out the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and stated that Öcalan’s freedom can’t be considered the freedom of one person, but the freedom of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. Koc called on all Kurdistan parties and organizations to attend the protest to be held in front of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) on November 9 for Öcalan’s freedom.
Representatives from the Kurdistan Islamic Party, Kurdistan Communist Party, the Central Anatolian Kurds association and the Yazidi and Syriac peoples spoke in the meeting and talked about the importance of the National Congress. The speeches stressed that the Kurdish people have a golden opportunity in the 21st century and stated that all Kurdistan parties must consider the interests of the Kurdish people and fight for Kurdistan’s freedom.
The speeches pointed out that a fragmented stance is harming the Kurds greatly, and stressed that Kurds can’t be free unless they achieve peace among themselves. General Assembly constituents called on PKK, PDK, PUK and other Kurdistan parties to gather the National Congress, and pointed out that not holding the National Congress just because of one or two parties not attending is wrong.
The general view that emerged was that Kurds must not miss the golden opportunities of the 21st century for parties who don’t think about the interests of Kurds or Kurdistan.