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lördag 20 oktober 2018

Mahmoud Othman: Kurds have to rely on their autonomous strengths, forming Kurdistan's reference

Mahmoud Othman: Kurds have to rely on their autonomous strengths, forming Kurdistan's reference
The Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman called on the people of Kurdistan to rely on their autonomous strengths and the need to form a unified reference through the convening of Kurdistan National Congress, and beware of relying on foreign and regional powers in their fateful issues, and praised the experience of the Democratic Autonomous Administration and reliance on the principle of peoples' brotherhood in peace and freedom of peoples.

A delegation from the Democratic Union Party visited the Kurdish political personality Mahmoud Othman to discuss the latest developments in the area in general and Kurdistan in particular and to increase the relations between the administration of north and east Syria and Basur Kurdistan.
The delegation included Sulaiman Arab, representative of the Democratic Union Party in Basur Kurdistan, Mahmud Rasho, Alan Silfi and Mustapha Heshri, members of the Diplomatic Relations Committee in the party's representation in Basur Kurdistan, and received by the Kurdish politician Mahmud Othman in his office in Hewler. Othman expressed his happiness with the visit and praised the experience of Democratic Autonomous Administration and stressed the sacrifices made by the sons and the daughters of the Kurdish people and Rojava and North Syria, which led to the defeat of IS mercenaries and nearing the judiciary in their last stronghold.
The need to form a Kurdish reference and beware of the enemies of the Kurds
During the visit, Mahmoud Othman stressed the need to adopt the Kurds on their autonomous strengths in the face of the challenges that are exposed to the parts of Kurdistan and the need to develop a strategy and the formation of a reference to Kurdistan, which is the reference center of separation and solution in the current Kurdish issues.
Mahmoud Othman pointed out that the Kurds should be cautious in relying on external force because the experiences of the Kurds in this are many, he recall the Algerian agreement in 1975 and the obvious in this agreement of tragedies against the Kurdish people, pointing out that foreign agreements have always been a threat to the future and interests of the people, and called for the need to maintain the relations of the Kurds with regional and international countries without relying on them in the crucial issues, Othman stressed the need for dialogue with all the Kurdish and global forces in order to reach the goals and aspirations of the Kurdish people to achieve their legitimate rights.
The disadvantages of the internal differences in Basur Kurdistan on the Kurdish situation
Mahmoud Othman pointed out that the Kurdish political forces in Basur Kurdistan lack agreement and coordination, especially between the two main parties, the Patriotic Union and the Democratic Kurdistan. This was evident during their handling of the Kirkuk file and the presidency of the Republic of Iraq. This negatively affected the position of the Kurds and their weak position in all of Iraq and undermined their rights, he pointed out that the model of the two administrations in Kurdistan region is the cause of all differences, and therefore called on all parties to abandon the partisan commitment and orientation towards the interest of the Kurdish people as a whole.
On the situation in Kirkuk, Mahmoud Othman said during his speech: "The situation in Kirkuk is still characterized by confusion and chaos. There are two issues that can be mentioned first, that there must be a transparent investigation of what was happening and there is a clarification of everything to the public opinion and the second is what happened in Kirkuk is the result of the Peshmerga forces' Unified, but were moving according to contradictory party orders, so that setback happened. "
The Kurdistan National Congress is an urgent necessity
Othman talked about the importance of holding the Kurdistan National Congress and noted that he was one of the people who tried to achieve this unity since the seventies of the last century to the present day and recalled the efforts of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the late President Mam Jalal Talabani in this context, and stressed that partisan interests and narrow interference of both Iran and Turkey directly hampered and still hinder the convening of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
The principle of people's brotherhood is the best solution to the Kurdish issue
At the end of his speech, Othman spoke about the developments in Rojava and north and east of Syria where Othman praised the experience of Democratic Autonomous Administration and its adoption of the policy and principle of the peoples' brotherhood. He stressed that it is the best reliable experience in resolving many issues in the area, confirming that the unified of all the peoples of the area can stand against colonial power and dictatorial regimes, and gain the freedom and rights of all.
The two sides discussed at the end of the visit the need to strengthen the relations between Basur Kurdistan and Autonomous Administration in the north and east of Syria at all levels and seek to hold the Kurdistan National Congress.

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