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måndag 11 januari 2016

BREAKING NEWS-17 turkish terrorist specialpolice and high-ranked soldiers killed by kurdish YPS in Sur,turkish Kurdistan

BREAKING NEWS-17 turkish terrorist specialpolice and high-rankedsoldiers killed by kurdish YPS in Sur,turkish Kurdistan

Turkish media reported today that only 2 turkish terrorist soldiers and special police killed and 14 other soldiers/special police injured by ‪kurdish‬ YPS-Attacks in Sur. 

But the regional sources of Sur say that 17 turkish special police and
high-ranked soldiers killed today by YPS units in Sur. 3 YPS fighters
while slightly injured.Since december 2015 Erdogans Terrorists cant see 1
victory against kurdish Youth.More than 20 ambulances were today in Sur,it shows that Erdogan-terrorists got today very hard blow by #YPS in #Sur
Many police and soldiers killed in Sur
A number of police and soldiers have reportedly been killed in Amed's central Sur district where a state of siege remains in effect for the 40th day.

The district has today witnessed severest clashes of the curfew as
Civil Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Sivîl, YPS) responded to the
intensified attacks by Turkish state forces. A number of casualties have
been reported on the side of state forces as a result of clashes at
various locations in the district throughout the day.

Clashes have mainly intensified around Kurşunlu Mosque since very
early hours of the morning till evening hours. According to reports by
Turkish officials, 1 policeman and 1 specialized sergeant were killed
while 14 police and soldiers were wounded in the fighting on Yıkıkkaya
Street at around 14:00 today afternoon.

Local sources in Sur, however, report that the casualties suffered by
Turkish forces is much more. Accordingly, 11 special operation police
were killed and many others were wounded in the fighting around Kurşunlu
Mosque. Bodies of some policemen reportedly remain at the scene of

One other location where clashes between YPS units and state forces
have intensified today is the vicinity of Süleyman Nafiz Primary School.
YPS units strongly responded to Turkish units that attempted to enter
the neighborhood from several points. Six members of security forces
were reportedly killed in clashes here.

Savaş neighborhood also witnessed heavy clashes between YPS members
and state forces around Yogurt Bazaaar. Turkish forces have reportedly
suffered casualties but the exact number couldn't be verified. Fighting
in this area lasted all day long.

Three members of YPS got wounded during the day-long clashes.

Neighborhoods where clashes took place were also targeted by tanks and artillery fire all day long.

On the other hand, more caterpillar tanks, which are used in the
shelling and demolition of houses, have been dispatched to Sur today.


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