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fredag 15 januari 2016

Turkey committed the crimes against humanity in kurdistan

Turkish regime is lying to European countries so that they say war against  isis is a big scam by the Turks and Turkey lie because the Turkish regime, a good friend for isis the Islamic terror organization, there is a role play for Turkey to get help from the European countries against the Kurdish people.
Turkey committed the crimes against humanity.
every day Turkish regime forces kill and violate the Kurdish children and civilians.

Turkish violent towards Kurdish children and civilians is a major issue for the world especially European countries cry over Gaza children, but right now those European politicians see in their eyes that Turkish fascist regime kills and violate  against the Kurdish children and civilians, but they are keeping quiet.
Because we say it is better that the UN take care of the Kurdish area in northern Kurdistan, one Turkish military leave the Kurdish region since the UN forces to take Turkish military place in Kurdistan to the peace negotiations between Turkey and Kurdish leaders during the UN on the start Kurdistan will become a Autonomy under UN control.
Turkish military must go out from the Kurdish region because the Turkish military is a criminal military and committed for crimes against humanity in the Kurdish area
genocidal and racist slogans words against Kurdish children and civilians is enough evidence video that is spreading across the internet one can see.
samuel kermashani

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