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fredag 11 mars 2016

Nadia Murad who was a sex slave of the terror group IS: "Many, many showing their support, but not much has happened"

Nadia Murad who was a sex slave of the terror group IS: "Many, many showing their support, but not much has happened"

The auditorium at Soltorgsgymnasiet was filled to capacity, and some 50 people left for Nadia Murad's story met with strong reactions, both charged messages and applause.
Alice Glimnér, was one of the many listeners.
- I go on Hagströmska high school in Falun and went here because I wanted to hear from someone - a source in place - if it happens, and there was a strong story, she says afterward.
Nadia Murad go in principle around the world to tell us what happened.
- It must have an end. We must treat each other as people, she says several times in their story, translated from Swedish to Kurmanji.
Nadia Murad 21 years was captured by the terrorist group Islamic State in his home village Shingal near Mosul in northern Iraq on August 3, 2014. Six of her brothers and her mother was killed.
She was held captive along with 1000s of other girls and women.
- They distributed us as gifts between each other, she says of the perpetrators.
- We were constantly told that what they did was in the name of Islam. There's a lot of young people here who are listening so I do not want to tell some details of the horror we experienced. But I saw with my own eyes how a nine year old girl was raped. They believe that a nine year old is an adult woman.
They were divided into three groups when the perpetrators attacked the village, she says.
- The men were killed and we women were taken away to become their slaves and children came to a camp where they were trained to soldiers for IS. And we women were given two choices: to be killed or converted.
Nadia Murad emphasizes that what happened is not a religion which advocates. There was also a Muslim family who helped her escape and it succeeded after a second attempt.
- What is happening is not a religion. It is evil. I want to advocate compassion. We are all human.
She also says that it was all about her and her family would be able to solve, but now it's about many, many thousands of people, both yazidier and others who are attacked by the terrorist group IS.
She has traveled around to tell their story. She has spoken at the UN Security Council, she has visited Greece and Egypt, Norway and Sweden and now this has h on've met Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom,
- I have received a lot of support everywhere. But, unfortunately, does not happen so much. So I continue and not give up because it must be an end to the terrible abuse and violence.
A campaign of support for Nadia Muad Yazda was founded in the United States and a group that supports her here in Sweden were on the podium in Soltorgsgymnasiet and a similar group will also be launched in Sweden.

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