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torsdag 3 mars 2016

turkish fascists regime attacked kurdish civilans i amed city

Breaking news:--->>> Turkey- Amed City_Diyarbekir
Turkish police attacked Kurdish protesters in diyarbakir turkey, many were killed and injured , hundreds were arrested , Protest continuing .

Turkey’s police and army used tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets against demonstrators in the largely Kurdish city of diyarbakir located in the country’s southeast as thousands took to the streets to protest against a -long curfew in sur district.
Sur district which has been under Turkey’s military curfew since December 2015. almost 83 days. When Kurdish people got close to Sur district, the Turkish army and police forces opened fire at them and killed many of protesters including a member of political bureau of pro Kurdish HDP whose name is Mohseen.
They also arrested hundreds of Kurdish people who came to support people of Sur in order to break the curfew.
Till now the atrocities of Turkish force is happening. Kurds demand urgent removal of blockade on people of Sur. This blockaded has been going on for 83 days. The province has been totally destroyed by Turkish military and police force. They have killed many Sur residents and the life of another 200 people is under threat, most of them are women elderly and children.
At the same time USA department of foreign affair calling upon its citizen to leave Turkey and in particular Kurdish area urgently. The Turkish president Erdogan has called the Turkish high court to subject salahadin demirtash the president of pro Kurdish HDP to a heavy sentence. And that’s because salahadin demirtash called kurdish people to walk toward Sur to support people of Sur and for breaking the curfew. Reported by Dr Pishtiwan Abdullah for RH- news agency on Thursday,third of March 2016

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