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onsdag 26 april 2017

Change of power 2014, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven declares that Sweden has the world's first feminist government.

Change of power 2014, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven declares that Sweden has the world's first feminist government.

Change of power 2014, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, announces to the outside world that Sweden operates a feminist foreign policy.
So what does it mean to be a feminist government and pursue a feminist policy?
Minister Mehmet Kaplan was probably the first government member who gave the feminist and anti-racist work a huge smock when he was tapped with his relations with Islamist and ultranationalist groups. He was forced to finish leaving when it became difficult to defend all his piano breaks. But the government mourned his departure and celebrated his "feminist" efforts for Sweden.
The government fails enormously to get new terror laws. Nor do they know how to return the return of IS killers. Although women's journeys warn that more and more women and children have been forced to fly to sheltered homes because of returning relatives who have become pure women haters. Not so feminist.
The government repeatedly contributes to slowing down the issue of honorary oppression. Even when the Migration Board itself acknowledges that 132 single-ganged girls are placed with significantly older men the gifts away, the government wants to block the exceptions in the law prohibiting childhood marriage. Feminism does not apply to all. In particular, not immigrant girls.
Government representatives are deserted to Iran and hesitate for one of the world's most widespread religious regimes treating women as third-party citizens. Not a second, it reflects what signals they send to the country's women and girls who struggle for their freedom with their lives. When we liberalize (rightly) criticize them, they respond by comparing hats with the veil. So intelligent and feminist!
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven travels to Saudi Arabia. I quote: "It is clear that there is, as in Sweden, obstacles to women. A lack of functioning care for older people means that women go down to part-time and stop working in Sweden. There is an obstacle to women's participation. Countries. "Not so cute to compare Swedish labor market challenges by stoning women to death, whipping, repressing and remaining under male guardianship from the cradle to the tomb in Saudi Arabia.
And so last week's "feminist" action when Saudi Arabia was voted to be responsible for the UN Women's Commission. And we still have not received an answer to such a simple question about Sweden voted YES or NO?
Excuse the expression but we have become aware of what feminism and gender equality mean to this government! But those feminists like Mr. Stefan Leven talk about going to Iran and bowing in front of the world's anti-women regime and wearing veils ___ ????

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