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torsdag 27 april 2017

Russia condemns Turkish bombings

Russia condemns Turkish bombings
TT 26 Apr 2017 · 20:11 Updated: 26 Apr 17 · 21:37

A Turkish fighter plane near the airport Incirlik. Archive image.
A Turkish fighter plane near the airport Incirlik. Archive image. Photo: Usame Ari / AP / TT
Iraq / Syria / Turkey TT-AFP Reuters
Russia condemns Turkey's bombings against targets in Syria and Iraq. At least six people were killed in Iraq at the second Turkish flight attack for almost two days in neighboring countries.
The United States-supported Kurdish-Arab Alliance in Northern Syria is now inviting an airbound zone.
Russia's Foreign Ministry calls the Turkish bombings "unacceptable" and contrary to intergovernmental principles.
"These are actions by the Turkish military against Kurdish forces, which are certainly against terrorist groups on the ground, first and foremost IS", writes Russian UD in a statement.
Short notice
Washington has expressed "deep concern" over the attacks.
The Turkish military announced the soldiers in the US-led alliance in northern Syria and in Iraq less than an hour before the attacks began. American troops were within a mile of bombed areas, and the information provided from Turkey was vague, according to the Pentagon Defense Department.
It's not enough time. And this was a message, definitely, not a coordination that you would expect from a partner and an allied in the fight against IS, "said John Dorrian, superior at the US Air Force, at a telephone press conference.
The goal was PKK
About 70 Kurdish rebels were killed in Tuesday's attacks in Sinjar in Iraq and in Northern Syria, according to Ankara. The targets were the terrorist-stamped terrorist movement PKK, according to the Turkish Armed Forces.
But in the attacks, at least six members of the Iraqi Kurdish security forces, Peshmerga, were also killed, probably by mistake.
Wednesday's terror in northern Iraq demanded at least six lives.
The US-supported Kurdish YPG militia in Syria, which Ankara equals with the PKK, wants a flight ban zone to be established in response to the Turkish attacks.
"YPG can only defend the country unrestrictedly," said the rebel group on Twitter.
A Turkish fighter plane near the airport Incirlik.…/ryssland-f%C3%B6rd%C3%B6mer-turkiska-…

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