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lördag 29 april 2017

Freedom comes to Iran and the Middle East if the western world does not contribute dictatorships

Freedom comes to Iran and the Middle East if the western world does not contribute dictatorships
Prime Minister Stefan Löven (S) is heading to Iran in February, many Iranians are upset and disappointed. Many Iranians may not travel to Iran because they are judged to be Mohareb (God's enemy) according to the regime. Unfortunately, they can not call their families and hear their relatives' voices in order not to risk their security.

The journey to Iran in order to open dialogue gives Iran's dictatorship and terrorist regime legitimacy and dialogue does not lead to better human rights conditions, but makes the mulls and Revolutionary Guards more greedy to increase their barbaric acts against Iranian people.

One might wonder which feminist conversation could have had Mikael Damberg at all with Vice President Massumeh Ebtekar a year ago in Iran? Iran as one of the UN Member States has neither signed nor ratified the Convention on Women?

In addition, Massumeh Ebtekar is one of the terrorists who took over 50 Americans as hostages under the hostage regime in the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 (1).

The rest of the regime of Iranian regime is either murderer, terrorist or the like. For example, the current Minister of Justice, Mostafa Purmohammadi, was one of the members of the infamous "Death Committee" who carried out mass executions of the children of the people during the summer of 1988.

According to the audio files of Montzeri, Khomeini's successor in time, 14-year-old and pregnant women were also executed. These sound files were published a few months ago by Montazeri's son. In the massacre, more than 30,000 political prisoners were executed for a few months, as noted in a debate article by Lars Adaktusson (KD). (2)

There are parents in Iran today who still do not know where their dear children have been buried. (3)

More about how human rights are defied in Iran by the mullets, you can read on Amnesty's page (4), but in fact, over 110 active regime officials have been involved in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. (5)

Our prime minister Stefan Löven (S) certainly knows better than that. You are not surprised that a barbaric terrorist regime that does not have the people's support treats its people in this cruel way.

What makes me surprised is Sweden's support for Iran's regime, although in Sweden we know how important human rights are and what they mean to us and that they are violated in Iran.

Therefore, I ask Prime Minister Stefan Löven (S) not to travel to Iran and boycott the Iranian regime and to protect our Swedish good spirit of human rights and not to keep the nose on bloodthirsty dictatorships in Iran to suck blood from the people.

Afsaneh Oskouei

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