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fredag 28 april 2017

We celebrate Israel's 70th birthday

We celebrate Israel's 70th birthday

The 5th anniversary of 5708 in the Hebrew calendar corresponding to May 14, 1948 in the Gregorian calendar, the Jewish state was restored around 1900 years after the Romans occupied and destroyed the ancient Jewish state and its capital, Jerusalem. Israel's rebirth rests on solid national, national and historical foundations: the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the Versailles and San Remo Conferences 1919 and 1920, the UN Division 1947, and a 3000 year continuous Jewish national identification with and presence in the native Israel. During the 1900s that distinguish Masadas and the fall of the ancient Jewish state from modern Israel declaration of independence, no other nation established a homeland in the area. While the Roman Empire, Babylonia, ancient Egypt and other mighty empires are buried in history, the Jewish nation has been re-established as a modern state with Jerusalem once again as its capital in the home of its ancestors. We want to celebrate this. For almost 2000 years, generations of Jews in exile from Seville west to Baghdad to the east, from Cairo to the south to Warsaw in the north, have pronounced the words "next year in Jerusalem" and dreamed of returning home to their native Israel. At the same time, 3000 years of continuous Jewish presence in the home country of Israel have preserved the physical and spiritual link between ancient and modern Israel. The unique history of the Jewish people of passionate and continuous home life, despite generations of exile, has inspired countless non-Jews all over the world including the famous English Victorian writer George Elliot whose book Daniel Deronda from 1876 predicted that a restored Jewish state in the East would give it Jewish people a permanent and worthy home but also spread a light of hope and humanism to other nations of the region. The Hebrew language whose use in exile was primarily limited to prayer and correspondence between a few Jewish scholars, is today the engine of a flourishing Hebrew culture and a living and dynamic mother tongue for nearly six million Jews in the restored Jewish state. We want to celebrate this. The modern and internationally often isolated Jewish state has survived seven Arab aggression war, continuous Arab terror, history-visionary hat propaganda and international boycott against all odds over 60 years. During the same period, the Jewish people have walked the long and laborious ladder from a stage of close total defensiveness and dependence on the willingness of Europe, the Muslim world and others to establish a regional military superpower with one of the world's strongest armed forces as the ultimate guarantor of The continued existence of the Jewish people. We want to celebrate this. Modern Israel has transformed from a poor agricultural country into a high-tech and dynamic economy, as well as the world's most important center for technological innovation and research alongside Silicon Valley, over all six odds over six short decades. The Jewish state's citizens today are among the most educated and creative in the world with more scientists and researchers per capita than any other country in the world. We want to celebrate this. The modern Jewish state has absorbed for six short decades and has become a worthy home for three million Jewish immigrants and their children as well as grandchildren.
Among these, the majority of 900,000 extinct ethnic cleansed Jewish refugees from the Arab world, whose vast property and possessions were confiscated by the Arab countries, are ignored by the rest of the world. In addition, hundreds of thousands of traumatized Jewish survivors from the Holocaust in Europe and persecuted Jews from all corners of the world have had a worthy home in Israel. We want to celebrate this. Modern Israel has developed a democracy of highest Western standards and become a stable island of freedom and humanism for all regardless of ethnic origin, gender and religion, in the midst of an anxious ocean of despair, intolerance and barbarism. We want to celebrate this. The modern Jewish state has rebuilt desert areas through several generations of hard work, planted countless millions of trees to forests and drained malaria sick marshland, which benefits both humans and animal fauna. This has resulted in Israel becoming a green oasis that out of space shines like a green emerald in a predominantly vast desert region. We want to celebrate this. Despite the continual existential threats to Israel, the hopes of a lasting peace of the Jewish state have not been extinguished. The Jewish people continue to stretch a hand for true peace and cooperation with all neighbors and parties willing to sincerely work for peace and mutual tolerance. While the Jewish people are expectantly waiting for the ancient biblical prophecy that lion and lamb should live peacefully side by side to be realized, the Jewish people in their independent and restored homeland have learned lessons from their history and transformed from a defenseless lamb to a strong But peaceful nation determined to Masada never again fall. We want to celebrate this. We want to celebrate this by wishing the State of Israel a great congratulations and a martyr of 60 years as a reunited family member among the nations of the world. In the next 60 years, must bring even more of democratic, economic, cultural and scientific development as well as a genuine and permanent peace for Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East.

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