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måndag 17 april 2017

Zeynep Cudî: Shengal is preparing to declare its autonomy

  • Zeynep Cudî: Shengal is preparing to declare its autonomy

Zeynep Cudî: Shengal is preparing to declare its autonomy

SHENGAL – “A system in which each religion, language and nation will be presented will be established,” said Zeynep Cudî, member of the Shengal Women’s Units (YŞJ), by announcing that Shengal is ready to declare its autonomy soon.

Shengal Women’s Units (YŞJ) member Zeynep Cudî spoke to Gazete Şûjin regarding the developments in Turkey and North Kurdistan, targeting the journalists and the attacks on Shengal by the KDP. Construing the attacks of the KDP on Xanesor on March 3 as the continuation of the “74th edict”, Zeynep said, “Policies developed against the Êzidî people continue. Peshmergas targeted the Êzidî people. The attack was carried in Shengal by the KDP and National Intelligence Service (MİT) and there were also Daesh members.”
‘They cannot stand the people to govern themselves’
Noting that the KDP cannot stand the Êzidî people to form their assemblies and to empower their organization, Zeynep said, “The aim here was to dissolve this organization and to prevent collectivism. But the Êzidî people didn’t allow them by resisting against these attacks. Those who resisted against the attacks on the frontline were women. Êzidîness is the root of the Kurdishness and they tried to destroy this root; however the women resisted on the frontline in order to protect this root.
‘Organized women were targeted in the person of Nazê’
Recalling that Journalist Nujiyan Erhan and Women’s Assembly member Nazê Naîf were killed in the attacks of the KDP, Zeynep said, “Nazê represented Êzidî women, who organize themselves, and she was targeted for this reason. Êzidî women have formed their organization and the enemy first turns to the women in order to destroy the women’s organization. They are afraid of the women’s power.”
‘Nujiyan enshrined Êzidîs’ hearts’
Noting that journalist Nujiyan Erhan was the voice of the Êzidî people and she loved Shengal, Zeynep pointed out, “Nujiyan was the color and reality of the society. She enshrined the Êzidîs’ hearts. She reported everything to the world. Nujiyan will live in the heart forever.”
‘We’ll protect Shengal under all conditions’
Pointing out the foundation of the YBŞ and YŞJ and the people assemblies, Zeynep said, “As Êzidxanê army, we will protect Shengal under all conditions. YJŞ and YBŞ forces are protecting the people by sacrificing themselves.”
‘Shengal will be autonomous’
Announcing that the autonomy will be declared in Shengal soon, Zeynep said that “The autonomy of Shengal is the freedom of Êzidî people. The Êzidî people have the oldest history and belief. They have a rooted history. Each religion, nation and language will live in Shengal as freely.”
‘Calling on the Êzidis’
Calling on the Êzidis, who had to leave their lands due to the genocide attacks, Zeynep said, “Thousands of Êzidîs had to leave their lands due to the war. Now the Êzidîs have their own defense units. Shengal people have formed their own organization. They should return to their free and holy lands. And they should stand up for their history.”
Greeting to the hunger strikes
Pointing out the hunger strikes launched in the prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan, Zeynep said, “I am greeting the ongoing hunger strikes. Those who are taken captive in the prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan are about to die. Erdoğan should know that they can take the Kurdish people captive as physical but they cannot take their freedom philosophy.”

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