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måndag 17 april 2017

Turkish regime planned to attack the Qandil and Shingal using masoud barzani, the Kurdish largest Jash

Turkish regime planned to attack the Qandil and Shingal using masoud barzani, the Kurdish largest Jash.
Turkish intelligence and masror Barzani discussed how will they jointly attack the Qandil.
Turkish occupying regime with the deployment of more troops to Kurdistan in the Qandil Mountains and were preparing for a military attack on Sinjar is working with barzani the kurdish biggest jash.

Reports of widespread prepare Turkey for a military attack against PKK in the Qandil Mountains and Sinjar. It is said that during the attack the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party will help  the Turkish military operations against pkk in qandil.
Havar news agency quoted the recent meetings between officials from Iran, Turkey and Federal Kurdistan Regional Government, the Turkish regime to start large-scale attacks on Kurdish guerrillas protected areas in Qandil  and Sinjar is planned at the end of April this year.
According to the report, the deputy  Turkish intelligence agency known as the "funeral" of Turkish troops in Iraq kurdistan visited the camp and then sat by Masrour Barzani of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in charge of the security forces, known as "Parastn had". The meeting major operation against the decision taken Protected Areas Media and Sinjar.
Border operations within the borders of Turkey and Kurdistan will be done. Turkish officials have in recent weeks, saying it operational.
In the past two months hordes of Turkish military forces deployed to that end at the border Slvpy. As well as military equipment and heavy weapons to bases in northern Iraq, the Turkish army has been sent.

Turkey's Kurdistan Democratic Party  jash barzani has asked more than 1,200 special forces prepare to support operations.
Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK has already warned that if the Turkish army to Qandil attack last nail in the coffin of the Republic of Turkey will be crushed. Democratic Party led by Barzani, the PKK also asked for the support of the Turkish occupation forces during the attacks stop.

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