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torsdag 18 maj 2017

All of Erdogan's bodyguards left the US without any charges.

All of Erdogan's bodyguards left the US without any charges.
Also in this video, Washington police chief confirmed Erdogan's bodyguards brutally attacked peaceful protestors and a member of the press. 

Police chief told the reporter 11 people have been injured and 2 people have been arrested who are not Erdogan's bodyguards.
he responded to one of the journalist's question and said "2 of Erdogan's bodyguards arrested by US secret police but they have been released in a very short period of time as request of state department", he added "for arresting Erdogan's bodyguards there is an immunity and diplomatic issue role involved, and that's made it harder for police to investigate this huge attack."
At the same time, reported State Dept Is Working To ID Erdogan Bodyguards Who Beat Up Protesters In DC .
On the other hand, Erdogan's bodyguards sent a picture online saying that they are partying on their way to Turkey and all of them left without any charges (you will see this photo at the end of the video).
Human right activists are shocked and saying how US justice department did not do anything regarding this huge crime against American citizens in the heart of United States.
Another interesting part of this video is Washington Police chief in this video says that the secret police released Erdogan's bodyguards as a request of the state department, at the same day state department says we are working with police to identify Erdogan's bodyguards but not mentioning that all of Erdogan's body have left US without any charges and they are partying inside the airplane and sending their photo online.
If president Trump stays silent about this huge crime against his citizens then we have to ask him didn't you promise to "make America great again"? So, this is how president makes America great again by arresting those protestors who've been brutally attacked, abused and insulted by Erdogan's bodyguards but releasing those criminals who have left 11 US citizens covered in blood.

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