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måndag 22 maj 2017

What the Saudi king demanded Mr. President Trump?

What the Saudi king demanded Mr. President Trump?
As information we have received from Saudi, the Saudi king asked Mr. Trump not to do anything against Turkey, and the Saudi king called Erdogan as Saudi important Alliance. The Saudi king called Turkey, which is Sunni and Saudi brothers.

The Saudi king talked about what happened in Washington to Kurdish peaceful protests, and the Saudi king called Kurdish peaceful protests for terrorists.
Mr. Trump said we have prosecutors and courts we do not know about it so much, but I've talked with Erdogan he may not attack peaceful protests in other countries especially in the usa. We have freedom of expression and democracy everyone is right saying and raising his voice against injustice.
And the Saudi king said yes we know you're right, but you'll be soft to our brother turkey.

Since the Saudi king said we are so disappointed that you help ypg in Syria and you do not help the Syrian free army organized by our brother Turkey.
This means that the Saudi king is unaware of isis losing his forces in Syria.
Who is actually Syrian Free Army?
Yes Syria free army just as dangerous and dangerous as Bashar Assad,
And Syrian free army ahrar al sham, jebhat alnusrah and jesh al Islam all have terrorist backgrounds, jebhat al nusrah has beheaded many Kurdish children and family in Sery Kany and Aleppo.
And Turkish regime supports them terrorist groups calling themselves Syria's free army against the Kurdish people

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