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fredag 19 maj 2017

The prosecutor puts down the investigation against Assange

The prosecutor puts down the investigation against Assange
Wikileaks Founder: "I will not forgive
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in 2010 in his absence from Stockholm District Court, suspected of rape.

On Friday, prosecutors decided to resign in the Assange case. Nevertheless, the Wikileaks Foundation does not seem to be completely satisfied.
"I will not forget or forgive," says Julian Assange to AFP.
After Assange's visit to Sweden in 2010, two Swedish women reported him for rape, unlawful threats, unreasonable and sexual abuse.
Since then Assange has been involved in complex legal proceedings in both Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Swedish prosecutors have repeatedly tried to get him delivered to Sweden without results.
The preliminary investigation is being dropped
On Friday, prosecutor Marianne Ny decided to terminate the trial of suspected rape.
Not because Assange would have been found to be innocent - but because the investigation can not be carried forward when he stays away.
"I have decided to cancel the arrest warrant against Julian Assange. I have withdrawn the international extradition order to be handed over to Sweden. And I have chosen to cancel the preliminary investigation, "said prosecutor Marianne Ny during a press conference.
She says that the reason for today's decision is that her assessment is that the handover can not be completed in the foreseeable future.
"I do not want to put debt somewhere, but the main reason is that Julian Assange has kept out," says Marianne Ny.
Sweden has repeatedly applied to hear the Wikileaks founder at Ecuador's London Embassy, ​​where Assange has had political asylum.
"I will not forgive Sweden"
In November 2016, the Wikileaks Foundation could finally be questioned. However, it was the prosecutor from Ecuador who asked the questions. The Swedish prosecutors were only allowed to attend the hearing, which was confidential.
- Swedish prosecutors and police were present but we had no opportunity to play an active role in the hearing. Julian Assange has to be notified of the crime in Sweden to be released, but there has been no chance, "says Marianne Ny.
She also says that Julian Assange would come to Sweden before the time for prenunciation expires, the pre-trial can be resumed.
Julian Assange's lawyer Juan Branco tells The Telegraph that the Wikileaks founder, after Friday's decision, plans to apply for asylum in France. And despite his positive message, Julian Assange does not seem completely satisfied.
"I have been detained for seven years while my children have grown up and my name has been reported. I will not forget or forgive, writes Assange on Twitter.
"He should have responded to the Swedish court"
Claes Borgström was the plaintiff's attorney for one of the women who reported Julian Assange for crimes in Sweden. However, these crimes have been prerogated. Borgström thinks Friday's decision is regrettable.
- Julian Assange has committed an abuse of these women and he should have responded to the Swedish court. He has always been suspicious of the crimes for probable reasons. Instead, he has lived a closed life and it is a decision he himself has taken. Because there is no trial, he has no chance of being clean, "says Claes Borgström.
Julian Assange will be arrested if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in London, declares the British police because he is suspected of violating British guarantor rules, according to Reuters news agency.
Great media surveillance in London
Aftonbladet's reporter in London, Petter Larsson reports:
Immediately after the decision came from Stockholm, London-based journalists from all over the world hurried to the Embassy a stone's throw from Harrod's luxury department store. At 12 o'clock Swedish time, about 20 photographers stood outside the brick building and tried to find angles to get inside the gray curtains. Tourists on a shopping round, passers-by Londoners and all journalists ask each other the same thing; When does he come out?
About 40 TV cameras are lined up on the sidewalks around the embassy.
"There are many more than usual on Downing Street," says a journalist.
A helicopter is sometimes hovering in the air above the big crowd. The police are not called to arrest Assange, but should he come out the door so he is expected to be arrested.
The British legal expert Joshua Rozenberg is in place outside the embassy. If Assange is coming out, he can wait another year in a small room, Rozenberg says.
"If he is judged in the higher courts, he can count on up to 12 months in prison and convicted in another court, it will be a maximum of six months," said the British expert.
"But I think there will be one of the higher courts because he has been here for five years and I do not think he will go against the castle this time.
Rozenberg says that the legal process for burglary takes between a few weeks and a month.
Oisín Cantwell: Logically, the investigation of Assange is closed
Happy to Twitter
The account @JulianAssange on Twitter tweeted the message out a picture of a happy Julian Assange. The account has not been verified by Twitter that it belongs to the real Assange, but has previously been retweeted by Assange's own organization Wikileaks.

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