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fredag 26 maj 2017

Iranian Islamic Fascist regime violates human every day in Iran

Iranian Islamic Fascist regime violates human every day in Iran
Yesterday a wrestler from Kermanshah Hujat Tandro was executed by Iranian dictatorship and barbaric regime.
Hujat Tandro one of 74 kg champion wrestlers and has won a championship medal.
He was executed by the Iranian ill regime because he was Kurd
Famous Iranian wrestler was executed
 H. Tdrv one of well-known wrestlers in the past decade Youd years in prison for the crime, was executed by order of the judiciary.

Human Rights Activists News Agency reported, quoting the sports bright, the wrestler Kermanshah Ten years ago, the most prominent Iranian ships and one 74-pound fortune near national team was wrestling singlet, unfortunately lost their lives.

H. Tdrv several rounds won national championships in various age categories and the first of the armed forces and even national team adults were even at the height of success elders 74 kilos country such as Hadi Habibi, Reza Ramezanzadeh and Sadegh Goudarzi defeat.

This is yet another case of athletes in recent years for similar reasons, unfortunately, and cultural weakness sport system to maintain its first-class heroes, lose their lives.

Charge its authenticity and discussed details of the case because of lack of transparency in the judicial system is not established.

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