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fredag 26 maj 2017

Turkish weapons sent to ISIS found near Raqqa

Turkish weapons sent to ISIS found near Raqqa
Syrian Democratic Forces advancing toward Raqqa were faced with Turkish weapons in the hands of ISIS once more after Tabqa.

New evidence is unearthed every day proving the Turkish state’s weapons and logistics support for ISIS gangs.
After a large batch discovered in Tabqa, weapons with Turkish origins turned up near Raqqa now.
On May 23, Tuesday, during search efforts after Bir Hamad village was liberated from ISIS gangs, a large amount of weapons were seized. Among these were LAWs of Turkish origin.
Two unused LAWs were found in a search in a house. One of the weapons was inscribed with “1340-27-000-4030, MKE. KE. 1.1.1993”, and the other had the markings removed to hide its origin.
SDF fighters say this isn’t new and they confiscated dozens of LAWs of Turkish origin up to date. Fighters say the origin markings in most of these weapons have been removed. Another model encountered frequently by fighters is the G-3 rifle.

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