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onsdag 24 maj 2017

We condemn terror attacks against the British people.

We condemn terror attacks against the British people.
Once again, Islamic terrorists attacked the manchester and killed many people.
The people in place did not know that an Islamic sick person was waiting to attack the people.
We share our sorrow with the British people.
I want to ask a question for the Western world's mighty.
You say Saudi, Iran, Turkey and other Arab countries are alliance against terrorists, but in principle all terrorists are from these countries and all terrorists receive money from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Emarat, other Arab countries and Iran.
Those countries have the same ideology just the same as terrorist groups, do not you think you lie to get yourself and your people?
All terrorist members can move freely in European countries even those terrorist members have good jobs and good wages so they can send money to terrorist groups so that they can attack the people here.
I think that politicians are a whole hypocrisy.
Samuel Kermashani

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