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lördag 23 juni 2018

Afrin Liberation Conference announced general alarm to liberate Afrin

Afrin Liberation Conference announced general alarm to liberate Afrin
"Afrin Liberation Conference " concluded by announcing the general alarm to liberate Afrin the statement issued today noted"  in the spirit of the Resistance of the Age's martyrs we will speed up the revenge campaign to liberate Afrin canton of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries."

The Democratic Autonomous Administration institutes held Afrin Liberation Campaign in al-Shahba canton to discuss the latest development and set a road map to liberate Afrin and the conference concluded by announcing the general; alarm to liberate Afrin .
The text of the final statement issued by the Conference:
The Syrian revolution began in 2011 with the slogans of freedom and democracy, to deviate early from its course and move the country to division and partition, and spread hostilities within the national fabric on one ethnic and sectarian basis, turning into a crisis in which many regional and international parties played a negative role, they have expanded areas of conflict and have extended their lives.
But the will of the components of the North Syria was stronger than those consequences, which led it to control this chaos through a popular revolution and put forward a democratic project through which it was able to protect its lands and its assets and components, It was a safe haven for hundreds of thousands fleeing the hell of war in the rest of Syria. Afrin presented the Syrians and the whole world with a pioneering example of Democratic Autonomous Administration through the participation of all sectors and components of the country, thus providing a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis on the basis of peoples fraternity and coexistence.
But the eyes of the Turkish enemy have been lurking in this experience, fighting it through its hired tools of mercenaries and extremists at times, and tampering with its security through its forces on the border at other times, culminating in these brutal barbaric war on Afrin, which began on 20/1/2018 in cooperation with its tools In an international conspiracy, Russia was a partner in weaving its threads through a despicable deal, and in a shameful international silence that went beyond all international norms and laws.
Once again, Afrin, with all its components, had a bold stance in deciding the resistance against the brutality of the Turkish occupation. To write the history epics beyond the myth in all its forms and tell the world: The forces that dropped the capital of terrorism, IS through the popular resistance, will not hesitate to drop supporters of the government of justice and development.
At the conclusion of the conference, it appealed to world power and all democratic and Kurdish factions to do their historic duty to put pressure on the Turkish government (the government of justice and development) to end its occupation of Afrin canton. They stressed the return of displaced persons and refugees to their homes under the protection of international organizations and human rights bodies. The Conference also called on components of Syrian society to stand side by side with the resistance of Afrin to expel the Turkish occupation and preserve the territorial integrity of Syria. It called upon all the components of Turkish society not to vote for the Justice and Development list in the upcoming elections because the survival of the Erdogan gang is a continuation of the dictatorship, tyranny and terrorism in the Middle East and the whole world and its continued occupation of Afrin and other cities in the Syrian north.
Afrin Liberation Conference 21/6/2018

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