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fredag 22 juni 2018

So it's time to put an end to this ideology, which is nothing more than a pure pedophile and oppression of children! forced children to wear the veil is sick.

So it's time to put an end to this ideology, which is nothing more than a pure pedophile and oppression of children!
forced children to wear the veil is sick.
It should be independent religion or lack of religion - be totally unacceptable to sexualize children!
It should not be ok anywhere in the world, and definitely not in Sweden!
TWO YEAR GIRLS are forced to wear the veil in NYKÖPING

Published on linked article ✂️ "The municipality of Nyköping has produced a report on the district of Brandkärr. The findings show problems with radicalization and that" a society in society "is being formed.

According to P4 Sörmland, the report was reported in November last year to give a current picture of the situation in Brandkärr. It has been written based on interviews with 26 people, most of which work within the municipality, and will be used as a basis for integration work in the district.

News Today, you have read the report of a society that, on a point-by-point basis, differs from what you can expect from a typical Swedish neighborhood. From 2003 to 2017, the population has increased by 1,000 people to over 4 500 - while the proportion of foreign backgrounds has increased from more than 30 per cent to over 60 per cent.

The majority of children come from Somalia

According to the report, radicalization in the area is ongoing. There are two mosques and several choir columns. This has led, among other things, to residents "denying birthplace", multiplied occurrence and Somali culture and rules. There are also so-called moral policemen in the area and in school.

The fact that a large proportion of residents come from Somalia is noticeable that the number of Somali associations has increased from one to five, of which three carry community contributions. Otherwise, there are also two Muslim associations that are also funded with contributions.

At school there are about 60 percent, and in preschool about 90 percent, of the children Somali. When they play in preschool, they speak Somali, which, according to the report, threatens the educational mission. The "monocultures" in the area make the children's language learning delayed. Even adults' language learning is complicated by the fact that women stay at home with their children for long periods of time and do not learn Swedish.

Toddler wearing a headscarf

The report shows that children from 2 years wear hijab and many children do not eat school food because of religious reasons. It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit staff to school, and Quran education takes a lot of children's free time.

Abuse is also a problem in Brandkärr, and according to the report there are "all kinds of drugs", such as cat, in the district. Drugs are sold open and fewer choose to report a police report. Society closes.

In conclusion, the report authors write that "religion has been strongly attached" in Brandkärr. The district has evolved into a "society in society" with monoculture that complicates integration and where women and girls are particularly vulnerable. "

Link to the whole article here 👇

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