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tisdag 26 juni 2018

Iranian religious shiites isis terrorist intelligence killed kawes saedimami

Iranian religious shiites isis terrorist intelligence killed kawes saedimami

Details of the onslaught of agents yesterday at the house of Kavos Seidamami's wife
Arash Keykhosrowi, family lawyer Kavous Seyyed Amami, an environmentally conscious activist who was murdered in suspicious suspicion, described details of the onslaught of agents on Monday, March 4, at the house of Maryam Mambinini.

Arash Kikhsravi, who along with the message of the family and the family of Kavos Seyyedamami, is in the dialogue with the stroke, pointing out that on Monday, July 4, 1997, the agents attended the house of Maryam Mambinini (late Seidamami's wife) at the age of 17, " They went to the house of Mommini at 17:00 and they were filming there. I arrived at around 19:15 minutes and saw that the cry of a woman was apparent and was not good. "

He added: "I introduced myself and said that Mrs. Monsignor is a lawyer and I must see them. The officers who were there did not allow me to enter. Then one of their officers came and I told them that, in accordance with the rules of criminal procedure, I should see my client and they said that we are doing our own operations and you are not allowed to see them. "

"I asked them for their documents, and I saw them, and I saw from Mr. Jafari Dolatabadi, who did not sign his family, Dovlatabadi, on his signature, to produce a documentary titled" Descent "(the name of the film was longer and only the disappearance of the film), Kisakhrovi emphasized. In my memory) can go there. "

"I'm not aware, but I saw with a pickup several imported boxes that did not know what they were inside," said Keikhosrowi, in response to the question of whether the officers had left home. They did not tell us where they came from and put boxes in the parking lot. "

"Ms. Mobinin was bad after this incident, they were taken to the hospital with an emergency and are now admitted to the hospital," he said. The late Seidamani's wife is still out of business. I and the other family lawyer, Message of the Fatherland are summarizing the subject for appropriate responses. "

Maryam Mambinini, wife of Kavos Seyyedamami, was previously admitted to hospital in severe mental stress.

Earlier, Maryam Mambinini, the wife of Kavos Seidamami, was called to answer some of the questions by a security agency.

Ramin Seidamami, a reader known as Kingram among Iranians, wrote on Monday, July 4, 1397, confirming this on Twitter: "Yesterday (on a Sunday), my mother Maryam Membinin was summoned to answer a series of questions about my father, Kavos Seidamami. They were."
Ramin Seidamami, son of Kavous Seidamami, an environmentally conscious activist who was murdered suspiciously in prison, wrote about the summons on this summoner. On Sunday, July 3, 1397, Maryam Mambinini, the deceased Kavous Seidamami's wife, received a phone call that was invited. To answer some questions about the case of his late wife and his expulsion, go to a place in Tehran. Maryam Mambinini went to that place without the presence of her lawyers.

Ramin Seidamami described the details of his mother's summons by a security agency in his telegram channel:

The invitee has stated that he or she is calling from the office of the judiciary, and in order to continue the proceedings, Ms. Mombeyni should refer to the address provided for explanation.

The place where the mumbled lady was called was not official. It was written only "Supervisory and Monitoring Office"

She goes to a room shortly after 3 o'clock in which the interview lasts until 6.30pm.

One of the same was a young person who was interrogated by the Criminal Prosecutor on February 20, 1396, before he announced his wife's death in prison.

During yesterday's interrogation, the questions were presented in several ways: identification of individuals in the private photos of the family of the Syedamami at various occasions, the late Seidamani trips to different parts of the country and abroad, but most of all the deceased's relationship with foreigners in Tehran, either based on photographs The person and their name

After asking questions, the interrogators from Maryam Mambinini wanted to write their sayings and these writings reached twenty pages.

They sought to bring these issues to a conclusion of the late Spiderman case and other environmental activists, saying that the case was going to end, and soon the evidence of the conviction of the defendants would be presented to the court.

In the case of Mamanbani's outburst, the interrogators admitted that Mommini was not charged because they were fully aware of their innocence.

In the end, Maryam Mambinini announced that another interview would be waiting for him by telephone.

Read more about environmental detainees.

Kavos Seid Amami, a lawyer from the family of Kavos Seidamami, said on Wednesday, June 30, 1997, that the death of this environmental activist was announced in jail, and said: "The final report of the forensic medicine on the cause of the death of Kavos Seidamami has been collected and the report says that there is a bruise and There is choking around her neck. "

Kavoos Seidamami, a professor of sociology, a faculty member at Imam Sadegh University and the director of the Parsian Heritage Wildlife Institute, was detained by the Revolutionary Guard's agents on February 4, 1396, and on January 19, his family was informed of his death as "suicide". They were

The issue of the detention of environmental activists came to the media after the news of the death of Kavous Sayed Emami, a 64-year-old professor at the university and activist of the environment in a detention center in Iran. One day after the release of this news from the family of Seyyed Emami, Tehran's prosecutor confirmed the death of the university professor at the detention center, declaring the cause of death as a suicide.

Ramin Seidamami, son of Kavos Seidamami, a reader known as the Kingram among Iranians, was one of the first to call the reason given by the judiciary, suicide, as incredible. The singer wrote on Instagram and Twitter on February 21, 1396: "The news of my father's death, Kavous Sayed Emami, is unbelievable to me. Kavos was arrested on February 4th and suddenly summoned my mother's court, Maryam Mambinini, on Friday 19 February 1396, giving him the news of his wife's death. They say they're suicidal ... I do not believe it. We will not. "

Following the publication of the news of suicide by Kavos Seidamami, the family of this environmental activist, on the morning of March 17, 139, intended to leave the country, which security agents of the Imam Khomeini airport of Tehran secured the passport of Maryam Mambini, wife of Kavos Seyed Emami, on his departure. , And only to Ramin and Mehran, the two sons of Kavos Seidamami were allowed to leave Iran. Following this action, Maryam Mambinini, Kavous Seidamami's wife, was admitted to the hospital for severe mental stress.

Kavos Seidamami, Sam Rajabi, Hooman Jokar, Niloofar Bani, Morad Tahebaz, Tahir Ghadirian, Amir Hossein Khaleghi and Sepideh Kashani, the staff and managers of the Parsian Heritage Wildlife Institute, were arrested on February 4th and 5th. The news that they were arrested due to security pressures on their families remained silent, but after the death of Kavos Seidamami in Evin Prison, some of the detainees came to the media.

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