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onsdag 27 juni 2018

Hello, thank you for the answer, no, I have not received any letter from the employment office after the meeting 2017.08.17. What the employment agency has done to me 2017.08.17 is a kind of discrimination, even about my networking activities. Also, it is a plausible decision that ordered from Tehran against me.

Hello, thank you for the answer, no, I have not received any letter from the employment office after the meeting 2017.08.17. What the employment agency has done to me 2017.08.17 is a kind of discrimination, even about my networking activities. Also, it's a political decision that ordered from Tehran and Ankara against me. because I usually criticize them two dictatorial countries.

What you've got is completely wrong and lying from my former administrator who might have received money from my country's agents who are full in Sweden, especially in Malmö.
The Employment Service in Malmö is discriminated against against me.

I have followed all the rules practiced and every day I was in place early before my time.
There is everything that I have written. other things in Malmö, some of the officers have helped me and I have gone through the Lernia truck card course from 2015.09.28 until 2015.12.30. since i had to go to academic eductus in malmö i had been on the spot every day we had every three months that if you wanted to continue with this job coach i have been with them 6 months ago but before 6 months expired i got training at the same time got an internship through Jula in Malmö for 8 weeks.
After that, my presenter Ulrika Stenberg has sent me a letter via my email address and asked me if I want to continue with the same jobcoach eductus or not, when I sent a letter to her that I might want to search for a new job driving job coach maybe you can get some work.
I have been with eductus from October 2016 until April 2017.
The Employment Service has violated my personality and has filed false information and human rights abusive information to employers. There are conversations recorded with the employer. In 2017, letters called exchanges between social and employment services that I should sign and send to my administrator Stenberg after that I received a letter by mail that was between 2017.06.7 and 23, as it says on the letter they should have a conversation with me then when I went to the employment office on 2017.08.17 at 13:00, always got inaccurate information from my manager Urlika stenberg after I never received a letter from the employment agency until 2018: 04.12 it was about the job fair
since this year i searched for the employment office on St Ora Street 5 in Malmö and would change the office when the first time came a woman told me Samuel you take medications, there is an act about you I answered no have never done in my life thank you my wife was with and before I walked up, open my camera there are sound-recorded.
Sincerely Samuel
Regarding case 2558914 {{000000002558914}}

Employment Relations Customer Relationships
13:21 (2 hours ago)
to me
Hi Samuel.

Regarding your question as to why the Employment Service recalled your instruction to the Job and Development Guarantee, we can, based on the documentation in our system, see that you have occasionally declared the cause / motive for you. Among other things, you can read in the daily note from 2017-08-17:
"Samuel comes to the meeting with the Social Security Officer. I, the social consultant, and ... talk about Samuel's difficulties in getting out of work because he lacks self-awareness about his own behavior. He believes that the Employment and other authorities counteract him and do not want to He will come to work. We explain to him that he has received help from us but that his behavior has not changed since 1997 and that we therefore have no efforts to help him. I inform him that he will be withdrawn from the program. continues his planning with his social secretary.

Samuel can not afford the job and development guarantee and is not at the disposal of the labor market. He will not be re-enrolled in the program or offered any other effort unless there is any change, and then Social Security Officer and AR will attend the meeting. Samuel is entitled to a bass service at the Employment Service but nothing else. For more information, see ELIN "
You have also received information about the right to request a review of this decision.

When we judge that you have received information / answers about the Employment Agency's assessment of the revocation from Job and Development Guarantee on several occasions, this question will not be answered further.

Regarding your opportunities for New Start Jobs, you have today received information even though this is from your employment office.


Pär Kristiansson

Employment Relations Customer Relationships
Box 3000, 831 03 Östersund
Phone: 0771-60 70 00 | Fax: 063-16 33 10
Hi Samuel,

The reason you have been printed from a job and the development guarantee was notified to you at the meeting 170817 and then on a letter sent by mail. This was your request for re-examination of your rejection request. To re-enter the job and development guarantee, you will need to re-qualify and it may be 14 months after printing.
Participation in work and development guarantee is not linked to the right that employers can hire you through a new start job. The application for a start-up job is made by the employer.

If you have further comments about your print from work and development guarantee, I refer you to customer relations, contact details below;
Phone 0771-60 70 00
open every weekdays 09.00-12-00

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