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söndag 24 juni 2018

Swedish security police revealed Iranian espionage in Sweden.

Swedish security police revealed Iranian espionage in Sweden.
Iran managed to organize its own agents in Sweden Those who work with Iranian intelligence are Iraqi Shiites, Pakistani Shiites, Yemen, and Afghans who previously participated in the church in Syria since the Iranian regime helped them fly to Sweden. Hezbollah's followers, with Palestinians living in Sweden, also collaborate with Iranian agents in Sweden.
Two years ago we revealed that mojtaba khamenei organized an agent's organization in European countries especially in Germany and Sweden.
The Iranian regime after 2008 began to send female agents to European countries with false highest certificates, many of whom women agents succeeded in finding many important places in Sweden, such as social services, social security funds, employment services, educational preschool teachers and other political organizations in Sweden, they hide behind a mask like sometimes when talking to them can be instantly revealed.

Säpo: Iran spies on Sweden

The Russian regime continues to expel Sweden for espionage daily and emergency operations under the Security Policy.

"One of the major players is Iran, which conducts intelligence activities aimed at people with iranian background.

China and Russia are also pointed out as conducting espionage activities in Sweden.

Säpo believes that foreign actors act both broadly and deeply to influence the political situation in Sweden as well as to conduct refugee and industrial espionage.

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Iran spies spying in Sweden

Säpo's Deputy Chief Klas Friberg states that Sweden has been naive. We have been unprepared for the increase in intelligence targeted at the country that has been seen in recent years. The difference with earlier is that today there is a greater focus on operations over the internet instead of traditional espionage.

"The use of digital instruments has increased sharply, but the security we have about this has not increased in the same way," Klas Friberg said, calling on all authorities and companies dealing with sensitive data to raise their security level, says Klas Friberg.

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