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onsdag 20 juni 2018

Demirtash advised Assad to negotiate with all parties to build Democratic Syria

Demirtash advised Assad to negotiate with all parties to build Democratic Syria
Salah al-Din Demirtash, the former Co-chair of the Democratic People's Party (HDP) and the candidate for the Turkish presidential elections, called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to negotiate with all parties of society if he wants to build a new democratic Syria.

Demirtash, who has been in prison for more than a year and a half said in Adrna prison ,"It is known that the Syrian regime was suppressing the Kurds before the war and now the circumstances are different from that period. If Assad is planning to build a new and democratic Syria, he should negotiate with all factions that believe in democracy."
He added in private written declare to Sputnik agency "Determining a road map aimed at creating a free political atmosphere that allows the possibility of holding fair elections based on the sharing of powers and authorities with local administrations is very important."
Demirtash called on the international community to "encourage the Syrian people to sit at the same table to solve their own problems through dialogue and support."
About the criticisms faced by the Kurds in Syria because of their cooperation with America, Demirtash said, "The Syrian Kurds who are exposed to threats from all sides do not have many options to protect their presence at a time when Syria is witnessing the most difficult and brutal war in the world."
He continued, "The price paid by the Kurds in defense against a brutal global organization such as IS is known, where massacres were committed in places where the Kurds could not protect themselves, so I consider it an unfair trial of cooperation, which is established by the Syrian Kurds for diplomatic and defense purposes so as not to repeat that tragedy."
The source: Sputnik

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