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lördag 23 juni 2018

KCK’s Bayik: Erdoğan’ lies won’t fool anyone

KCK’s Bayik: Erdoğan’ lies won’t fool anyone
KCK Cemil Bayik said the elections are a chance for democracy and freedom.
KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council co-chair, Cemil Bayik, said Turkish President Erdoğan is trying to win elections with lies propaganda. “These lies - he added - will not save him”.

Referring to the attacks on Qandil, Bayik said that the “Turkish army cannot enter Qandil by land. And if they did they would get nothing.”
Bayik spoke to ANF in Media Defense Zones. “Turkey is going to the polls among lies, pressures and blackmail. Tayyip Erdoğan told big lies in a few days during the rallies he attended. He is trying to fool society and win elections by raising nationalism, chauvinism, fascism.”

Talking about the recent bombing of Qandil, Bayik said: “He spoke at rallies saying that 35 comrades of ours had died. This is a total lie. We have no martyrs among us, nor wounded. This is just propaganda.”
Bayik continued by saying: “When somebody is lying, we need to understand why he is doing so. That is to say, he so scare of losing, so big are the crimes he committed, that he resolves in telling lies.”
The other issue in the spreading of lies is the media. And the Turkish media, Bayik said, are reproducing Erdoğan’s lies as if they were the truth. This goes against all ethical codes, yet the media are trying to deceive society.
Lies and Muslims
“There happens no lie among Muslims. - said Bayik - To lie is immoral. Erdoğan lies and he is being immoral. He lies to preserve his power. He lied about Afrin. He is having secret meeting in Istanbul to plot the defeat of the HDP. Patriots were murdered in Suruç. Erdoğan said this massacre was carried out by the PKK or the HDP. And as this was not enough he even tried to involve even Muharrem İnce, the CHP presidential candidate.”
Bayik reminded that “there is a terrific saying among the people: 'the liar burns up to the candlelight’. Erdoğan’s lies are over now”.
It’s not easy to enter Qandil
Qandil has been bombed times and times again, said Bayik, but “it is not so easy to enter by land. However, - he added - if the KDP helps, Turkey could enter but still there would be a great distance between us. There are mountains, there are valleys.”
Bayik insisted that all these lies in the end have poisoned the environment and the reality is that Turkey is going to an election which has no legitimacy left.
No matter the efforts, added Bayik, Erdoğan would make to try and keep the HDP under the threshold, they will be futile. People won’t believe him anymore.
Supporting Erdoğan is supporting massacres
Some Western states still support Erdoğan. “It is difficult to understand how they can support him, as they talk about human rights and democracy all the time. In Turkey, Erdoğan is governing with intimidation, fascism, repression.”
Bayik added that “our people and all the peoples of Turkey, the democratic and socialist forces know very well what this authoritarian, fascist regime has done to them in the past.”
Which is why, said Bayik “to support Erdoğan is supporting massacres, repression, blackmail, threats, exile, unsolved murders. To support this fascist alliance is to support the demographic change and genocide carried out in Afrin. It means supporting the occupation of South Kurdistan. To support them means to support the massacres, devastations and atrocities in places such as Sur, Nusaybin, Cizre, Sirnak, Hezex, Gever, Silopi. To support them is to support the bombing of the cemeteries, their destruction, the denial of Kurdishness. To support them means to support the detention of the deputies legally elected by the people, the detention of legally elected mayors, the detention of thousands of HDP members, patriots, socialists, democracy forces, members of the press”.
Supporting HDP to slap fascism
Talking about the support to the HDP in this election, Bayik said that “everyone who opposes fascism will strengthen the unity around the democratic block, so the HDP, which represents the democracy block, can move strongly into the parliament. This fascist ghost can only be given the answer he deserves.”
Bayik added: “This fascist mob is not only against the PKK and the Kurds, but against all those who do not bow and serve them. They have already declared a war against everyone who is against them.”
That’s why these elections are very important, said Bayik. “They represent a step towards the democratisation of Turkey. It will be decided whether fascism has a saying in this country or not. No matter the efforts and dirty tricks the fascist alliance is playing, voters should know that this is a chance for democracy, for freedom. I would like to tell everyone against fascism, colonialism, to all democratic forces and beliefs that getting the HDP above the threshold means take a step towards democratisation. Fascism can lose and democracy and freedom can prevail.”

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