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onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Asya Abdullah: UN must take initiative for corridor

Asya Abdullah: UN must take initiative for corridor

PYD Co-President Asya Abdullah has reiterated the four main demands in order for the resistance in  Kobanê to continue, calling on the UN to take an initiative in order for a corridor to be opened between the cantons of Cizireh (Jazireh), Afrin and Kobanê. Abdullah also asked for aerial attacks by  coalition forces to continue.

Asya Abdullah made a statement in Kobanê, which has been under siege by ISIS gangs for 35 days. She said that coalition bombing raids were of critical importance, as the ISIS threat remained. Abdullah added that in the last three days the gangs had stepped up their attacks with reinforcements, saying: “ISIS is continuing to receive daily supplies of weaponry and fighters from places such as Rakka, Tal Abyad, Ain Issa, Sarrin, Manbij, Jarabulus.”
She added that they had heard that in the region controlled by ISIS the mosques were making constant calls to attack Kobanê for pillage, destruction and jihad, adding: “they say the attack on Kobane is against the USA and that everyone should unite against these enemies. In this way they get Arab children and young men involved in savagery. Many Arab families are fleeing from this tyranny to protect their children. When ISIS takes over a village it carries out all manner of destruction and pillage, then burns down the houses. We are facing ISIS gangs that make barbarity, savagery, plunder and rape the focus of their ideology.” Abdullah added that the gangs were trying to develop the use of bomb-laden vehicles as a method of attack, and that when they were unsuccessful they burnt down houses, as has been the case in the Kaniya Kurda and Botan neighbourhoods of Kobanê.
Arms aid
Abdullah commented on the arms and medical supplies provided to Kobanê, saying: “It is true that aid came to the YPG from US planes, but lots of circles are claiming to have assisted us. We don’t know who sent it but whoever did we are grateful.”
Abdullah said the following regarding the sending of peshmerga forces to Kobanê:  “On the one hand Turkey says it will allow the peshmerga to reach Kobane, while on the other it is waging a smear campaign against the PYD and the reality of Rojava. We do not consider this to be appropriate, as the PYD has a concrete political project in the chaotic environment of Syria, and has a clear purpose. This smear campaign will serve neither the situation in Kobane nor Turkish policies. The whole world knows what is right and what is wrong in Kobanê, who is attacking and who is resisting. And permitting the access of peshmerga is not the same as the demand of the people of Kobane for a corridor. No one has made an official request to the canton of Kobane or the YPG/YPJ. If someone wants to come here these are the political and military bodies to apply to. As ISIS attacks continue on Kobane we call on everyone to develop a dialogue.”
Four basic demands
Asya Abdullah said that in order for the resistance to continue in Kobanê a corridor needed to be opened between the cantons of Cizireh (Jazireh), Afrin and Kobanê, calling on the UN to get involved. She also called for coalition attacks on ISIS targets and arms aid to continue, and also asked for humanitarian assistance.
Abdulah said: “People are continuing to return to Kobane, but where will they live? We need to set up tent cities before winter sets in. We therefore call on international aid organisations to develop concrete projects.”
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