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tisdag 28 oktober 2014

Sipan Hemo: YPG needs heavy weaponry against ISIS

Sipan Hemo: YPG needs heavy weaponry against ISIS

Speaking on the “Bûyer” program on Ronahi TV via telephone, YPG General Commander Sipan Hemo gave some details regarding the historic resistance going on in Kobanê town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, for the 43rd day now.

YPG General Commander remarked that YPG forces needed heavy weaponry in the fight against ISIS in Kobanê, adding that international powers must take this fact into consideration and provide the necessary arms aid to YPG.
Hemo said the resistance in Kobanê marked a new historic stage, adding that even the gangs themselves have abandoned hope on victory in Kobanê but still continued their attacks on the town.
Sipan Hemo stressed that the brave resistance of the YPG/YPJ forces continued, and rendered the gangs unsuccessful in their attacks, remarking that the airstrikes of the international forces have played an important role but yet it was a belated support and the effect of the attacks were limited. Hemo underlined that ground fight against ISIS was essential.
Hemo emphasised that; "We are waging a huge battle against the savage attacks of ISIS gangs only with the individual weapons we possess, and we succeed in this fight. We however lack the weaponry necessary in order to break the ISIS attacks entirely and to stop ISIS being a threat to the whole region.The international powers must provide heavy weaponry aid to YPG by taking this fact seriously into consideration. And the Turkish state must not try to prevent it.”

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