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måndag 27 oktober 2014

Kurdish forces hold on to Kobani despite ISIL attacks

Kurdish forces hold on to Kobani despite ISIL attacks
The northern Syrian town of Kobani remains under the control of Kurdish forces despite fresh attacks by Islamic State militants.

US-led airstrikes have so far failed to stop ISIL who launched an offensive to seize Kobani in mid-September. It has been battling Kurdish fighters for the town, which straddles Syria’s border with Turkey.

It’s been reported that the death toll from the fighting in and around Kobani has climbed to 815 people.

Meanwhile, Turkish authorities have said the unidentified yellow substance found in packages sent to the consulates of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium and Hungary showed no initial signs of biological threat agents.

Most of the packages were discovered on Friday, however the package at the Hungarian consulate was not opened until Monday morning.

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