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måndag 20 oktober 2014

Salih Muslim: We are optimistic about meetings with ENKS

Salih Muslim: We are optimistic about meetings with ENKS

PYD Co-President Salih Muslim has evaluated the meetings that have been going on for days in the Federal Kurdistan Region regarding Rojava (West Kurdistan), saying he is optimistic as regards the outcome.

Officials from West Kurdistan have been meeting the Kurdish National Council of Syria (ENKS) in the  Federal Kurdistan Region for several days. Prior to these meetings, the Parliament of the Federal Kurdistan Region took the decision to formally develop relations with the administrations of the Autonomous Cantons of West Kurdistan.
PYD Co-President Salih Muslim assessed the meetings for RojNews, saying they had submitted a three-point project to the parties, adding: “The first of these is political agreement: agreement has been reached on this, there are no remaining problems. Secondly, the democratic autonomous administration. Debate is continuing regarding the other partiers’ participation in the administration. We want different views and colours to enrich the administration. The third point is military, which has nothing to do with the politicians. Talks should be held with the YPG. Of course, ENKS wants to debate this, but this is not our business. The YPG is the address for this.”
Muslim said that ENKS had proposed the formation of a “central administration”, adding: “We did not want this to be a pretext for the meeting ending without a result, so we will continue discussions. If there is a positive approach to the meetings we can overcome this and achieve an outcome.”
Müslim continued: “Our meetings are continuing and our aim is unity. If we hadn’t been hopeful of an outcome we would have stayed at home. We are endeavouring to achieve a positive outcome to the meetings.”
Muslim evaluated last week’s decision of the Federal Kurdistan Region to develop relations with the cantons, saying: “Undoubtedly the decision by parliament was a sacred thing in that it supported  democratic autonomy and the resistance of the people of West Kurdistan. Even if this is only moral support it is important for us and we hope it will continue to bear fruit. We need support and we hope that support continues to increase for democratic autonomy and the people of Rojava. We would have preferred it if all 105 deputies had voted for the motion, rather than only 79. We appreciate the meetings, demonstrations and support for Rojava.”

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