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måndag 20 oktober 2014

YPG: Positions retaken from gangs

YPG: Positions retaken from gangs

As ISIS gangs continued their attacks on Kobanê for a 35th day, YPG forces mounted a stiff resistance, repulsing the attacks and moving onto the offensive, retaking certain positions occupied by the gangs and advancing inside the town.

The YPG Press Centre announced Monday that YPG forces had retaken certain positions from ISIS in counter attacks after repulsing gang attacks.
Stiff resistance to gang attacks in Kaniya Kurda area
The YPG Press Centre said the YPG forces had put up stiff resistance to gangs attacking in the north east of the town throughout Sunday night, repulsing the attacks. At least 16 gang members were killed in these attacks. The YPG forces then counter attacked in the east of the town, cleansing Municipality street entirely of gangs. As far as could be ascertained, 13 gang members were killed.
Counter attack on the southern front
The Press Centre statement said: “In this area 2 heavy machine guns, 4 B7 rocket launchers, a AK 47 and a Bruno type weapon, and large quantities of ammunition were seized. Two bodies of gang members were also found.” The statement continued, saying YPG forces had carried out an attack on the southern front, after which a position was entirely cleansed of gangs. 17 gang members were killed during these operations.

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