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fredag 24 oktober 2014

Meet the Kurdish Women Fighters of YPJ/YPG including front line news the SITUATION in KOBANE +VIDEO

Meet the Kurdish Women Fighters of YPJ/YPG including front line news the SITUATION in KOBANE +VIDEO
Westkurdistan, Kobane

The Islamic state
(IS) is leading a new major attack against Kobane. Their new
reinforcements arrived 2 days ago and are now already supporting their
terror-comrades in capturing the city from the brave defenders of YPG.
The YPG is still holding out with the simple weapons they have.
ISIS-fighters continue to attack the city center with mortars and
running attacks at several fronts of the city.Their fighters committing
more and more suicide attacks - a sign of desperation.

Atacks at
the Southern-and western front repealed, but the fight goes on. Attacks
of ISIS-terrorist at the southern front that gets attacked from three
sides got repealed, according to YPG sources between 30-50 ISIS fighters
got killed in the fightings there since Tuesday.

While at these fronts the YPG managed to defend their position ISIS captured a strategic hill outside the city

State militants have recaptured a village on a strategic hill
overlooking the besieged city of Kobane, according to eyewitnesses on

Fighting began at midnight in Tel Shahir, five
kilometers east of Kobane, which fell to the ISIS fighters at 6am
Thursday morning. Some witnesses who were near the battle said the
village was being defended by both the mainstream Free Syria Army (FSA)
and forces from the local
Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

witnesses said it was a large-scale attack, and that ISIS had brought
in fresh reinforcements from bases in Jarabulus, west of Kobane, and
from its unofficial capital of Raqqa to the south-west. Fighting was

Milos Mustafa Bozan, a taxi driver present in the
area, told Rudaw that ISIS had fired on a number of civilians fleeing
the area, and that three had suffered gunshot wounds. He said civilians
were crowding at the Turkish border but had not been allowed to cross.

has laid siege to Kobane for over a month, driving out most of the
areas 200,000 civilians. The city was dangerously close to falling
before days of intense airstrikes from mid-October stalled their
Brigades from the Free Syria Army, an alliance of groups supported by
an international anti-ISIS coalition, have joined local Syrian Kurdish
fighters to defend the city.

An American airlift dropped weapons,
ammunition, and medical supplies to YPG positions on Sunday. On
Wednesday the Kurdish parliament agreed for a unit of heavily armed
Peshmerga forces to support the militias currently in Kobane, but it
will take days for these forces to arrive.

new modified Map showing the 2 strategic hills overlooking the city of Kobane:
Now this item is complete, (remaining errors I don't care for).

The dimensions of war.

A ISIS fighter got trapped in a huge explosion at Tell Schairen Hill that overlooks the city of Kobane
and the hill got captured now by ISIS fighters under heavy looses.

YPG-fighter Ceylan Ozalp 

was reportedly surrounded by ISIS fighters near the Syrian Kurdish city
of Kobane, the fighters spare themselves a bullet to prevent getting 
captured by the terror-militia. So she 
commited suicide before the mercenary's arrived her position. 

A suicide-attack: 

A group of YPG fighters (many women some not older as 15) 
were positioned in the wreckage of building flattened by bombardments in
Kobani... They would say their goodbyes at the beginning of each 
attack... It was the last moments of their lives and they said many 
goodbyes. They would drink the rotten water they had with them. They 
would drink each drop as if it was their last. They never had the 
weapons to fight against or halt the progress of the tanks.

But they were the fighters of freedom, land and humanity!

The tanks of the terrorist milita ISIS were coming at them after a heavy 
bombardment suicide attacks and heavy artillery fire while YPG and PKK 
did only own small weapons. Heavy American artillery captured in Iraq 
were used by ISIS against the defenders on the outskirts of the city.
It took not long and their position was flattened and the tanks rolled straight over 
the bodys of the fallen.

The situation got desperate on this day. There are sometimes situations 
where you need to sacrifice yourself, YPG prepared a ambush for the 
ISIS tanks. Arîn Mîrkan a young YPG fighter stepped in front of the 
tanks and halted the progress of the bloodsucking ISIS vampires killing 
about 15 ISIS-fighters.

YPJ fighter Arîn Mîrkan that committed a suicide attack against a ISIS-position killing around 10-20 ISIS fighters.

Your pay days will come! YPG/PKK calls these kind of attacks "Fedai eylem" - call it fedai attack or sucide attack it means the same. It is a attack where a fighter sacrifices himself for a bigger cause. 

Note: a fedai attack is different from the crimes the terrorists commit, 
since it is a sacrifice for a military unit, that is carried out in the context of military 
operations. While most suicide-bombings are attacks used to spread fear amongst the population. 

status as a terror organization may soon be outdated, at least this is
what experts expect, a political turnaround regarding the PKK/YPG and the direct delivery of weapons to YPG is not unlikely. 

YPJ-Fighters (YPG) in Northern Syria the group is holding ties to PKK

A picture taken on August 29, 2014 shows women Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) patrolling on the front line (SYRIA).

Since YPG holds ties to PKK only Peschmerga-milita are benefiting from weapon
deliverys like German MILAN and heavy machine guns. Many observers are the opinion
it is about time to change this and support PKK/YPG against a bigger evil. 

ISIS fighters committing massacres and ethnic cleansings against Christ's and other 
minority's as well as inlsavery of women, rape and their establishment of
a terror-regime, this threat is bigger than a few machine-guns that may
end up in the hands of the PKK. 

Abu Sattar - ISIS-spokesman: "Democracy is something for Disbelievers".

Young YPG recruits take a break by dancing and singing traditional YPJ songs at dawn, near Derek City, Syria.

The YPG is a different organization than the PKK and not
on any terror-list worldwide. The reservations against PKK/YPG are 
crumbling. The group needs finally heavy weapons to defend the remaining
parts of Rojava. Many important politicians realize already that the 
ties to PKK wont be that important when it comes to the fight against 
ISIS defending freedom against a bunch of rapist and murderers is more 

Only Turkey is still playing out its hard-line politic
against the PKK. Turkeys strategic main-goals are to topple Assad and 
to destroy the new Kurdish autonomous region Rojava. 
Supporting the fight against ISIS comes after these 2 goals. This means basically 
NATO-member has right now different ambitions in Syria than their 
Allies that are bombing ISIS in Kobane. This is the reason for Turkeys 
hesitant behaviour when it comes to the support of the fight against 
ISIS in Kobane. 

NOTE: (Rojava means the West in Kurdish)
this small region is a de facto
autonomous region in northern and north-eastern Syria. Free from the 
repression of the Assad-Regime and the Islamic rebel groups and still a
thorn in the eye 
of Turkeys government, they fear this country with
free women rights and democratic structures more than a 
ISIS-terror-regime. Since 2012, much of Syrian Kurdistan has been 
controlled by Kurdish militias as part of the Syrian civil war and in 
November 2013 representatives 
from Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and other smaller minorities declared a de facto government in the region

Note: The PKK is listed as terror-group internationally by several states and 
organizations. Including the (NATO), the United States, and the European
Union (EU).

What many don't know it was mainly the PKK who rescued the Yazids from a genocide like 
by risking their own heads. Right now ISIS-fighters in Iraq are leading
a attack against mountain villages in Iraq. Several thousand refugees 
are trapped and encircled and it could come to a massacre the situation 
is critical. 

Kobani is one of the 3 little areas the YPG-controls in northern Syria - a part of Rojava.
Hundred-thousands of refugees did flee to Kobani from other parts of Syria because they 
they are safe there from ISIS-terror-laws and the war, they were wrong 
the arm of Wahhabi-terror is stronger than many expected. 

This did lead to a population-explosion about 500.000 inhabitants are 
living in Kobani and the surrounding areas. Hundred-thousands of these 
inhabitants needed to flee again as ISIS started its attack against the 
city. Many of them do now live in Turkish refugee camps. 

Talabani (Leader of the anti-terror forces of South-Kurdistan) and 
Polat Can (Press-officer YPG, Rojava/Westkurdistan) They did send 24 
tons of weapons and ammunition to Kobane (just a few days ago).

The Leader of YPG in Kobane is the Kurdish Woman Nalin Afrin (40).(R.I.P to Mazlum Bagok on the Right, he died 2 Weeks ago)

Female Freedomfighters of Kurdistan♥♥♥
October 2014 kicking ISIS asses in Kobani (Westkurdistan / Northsyria) :D

Kurdish YPG Woman Fighter in Kobani during the struggle against ISIS

October 19.2014 Kobane - YPG Commander Polat Can: “We have repelled ISIS attacks last 
night, killed many Terrorists, captured their weapons and Bodies. We have moved forward on 4 locations in Kobane”

Kurdish YPG /YPJ Woman Fighter makes the hair before she fights against ISIS in Kobane

A Kurdish YPG Woman Fighter in Kobani wrote to her mother:
I am fine mom. Yesterday we celebrated my 19th birthday.

My friend Azad sang a beautiful song about mothers. I remembered you 
and cried. Azad has a beautiful voice, he cried too when he was singing.
He also missed his mother whom he has not seen for a year.
Yesterday we helped a wounded friend. He got wounded by 2 
bullets. He didn’t know much about the second wound when he was pointing
to the first bullet in his chest. He was bleeding from his flank too, 
we bandaged his wound and I gave him my blood.
We are in the east side of Kobani, mother…A few miles only 
stand between us and them. We see their black flags, we listen to their 
radios, sometimes we don’t understand what they say when they speak 
foreign languages but we can tell they are scared.
We are in group of nine fighters. The youngest, Resho from 
Afrin. He fought in Tal Abyad then joined us. Alan is from Qamishlo, 
from their best neighborhood, he fought in Sere Kaniye then joined us. 
He has few scars on his body. He tells us it is for Avin. The oldest is 
Dersim, he is from the Qandil Mountain, and his wife was martyred in 
Diyarbekir and left him with 2 kids.
We are in a house on the outskirts of Kobani. We don’t know 
much about its owners. There are photos of and old man and one of a 
young man with a black ribbon, seems like he is a martyr…There is a 
photo of Qazi Mohamad, Mulla Mustafa Barzani, Apo, and an old Ottoman 
map mentioning the name of Kurdistan.
We have not got coffee for a while, we found out that life is
beautiful even without coffee. Honestly I’ve never had a coffee as good
as yours mom.

We are here to defend a peaceful city. We never took part in 
killing anyone, instead we hosted many wounded and refugees from our 
Syrian brothers. We are defending a Muslim city that have tens of 
mosques. We are defending it from the barbaric forces.
Mother, I will visit you once these dirty war that was forced
on us is over. I will be there with my friend Dersim who will go to 
Diyarbekir to meet his kids. We all miss home and want to go back to it 
but this war does not know what missing means. Maybe I won’t come back 
mother. Then be sure that I dreamed of seeing you for so long but I was 
not lucky.

I know that you will visit Kobani one day and look for the 
house that witnessed my last days…it is on the east side of Kobani. part
of it damaged, it has a green door which has many holes from sniper 
shots and you will see 3 windows, one on the east side, you will see my 
name written there in a red ink…Behind that window mother I waited 
counting my last moments watching the sun light as it penetrated my room
from the bullet holes in that window..
Behind that window, Azad sang his last song about his mother, he had a beautiful voice when he was saying “mom I miss you” 

Your daughter, Narin


YPG Commander Dicle Amara (first picture):

"The ISIS Terrorists wanted to enter Kobanî and carry out a 
massacre. But they can only do that if we all die. We will defend our 
land and the honour of the Kurds to the end. We are fighting imbued with
the spirit of comradeship and will power. Every comrade we lose means 
we have a responsibility to step up the struggle even more. We will 
teach ISIS such a lesson that they will not be able to mention the Kurds
or the name of Kobanî again.”

YPG Commander Polat Can: “We have repelled ISIS attacks last 
night, killed many Terrorists, captured their weapons and Bodies. We 
have moved forward on 4 locations in Kobane”

A soldier named Amara wears a patch with the official flag of the YPJ on
her uniform. The group's red, yellow and green colors can be seen on 
scarves, flags and posters across the region.

Meysa Ebdo – commander of the of the Kurdish Women’s Defense Units (YPJ)

"Let everyone know: we are resisting against groups (ISIS, Al Nusra) 
committing inhumane attacks and we will win. We are giving our lives so 
that our people might live freer and that our flag might fly freely in the sky.

Yazidi refugee Sohare Salam, 13, eats a piece of bread, the first food she has had in several days, in the back of a truck after reaching safety in Til Kocer, Syria. 

Sohare and her family were stranded in the Sinjar mountains after ISIS 
militants attacked her village, killing thousands and enslaving hundreds
of women and children. The YPG and YPJ played a major role in helping 
liberate the Yazidis trapped on the mountain top.

Kurdish YPJ soldier Shavin Bachouk
sleeps early in the morning.It is said among the Kurds that their 
female fighters inspire great fear in the ISIS militants, who believe 
that if they are killed by a 
woman they will not go to heaven.Oct 5 2014 Kobani:

Yesterday ISIS tried to take control of Mıştenur hill for 5 times. It’s 500m away from Kobani. They failed and lost 75 terrorists. Now they try again…and captured it. 

Female Freedomfighter of Kurdistan (YPG) protects a dog while fighting against ISIS Terrorists

YPJ recruits cry and embrace a fellow soldier who they thought had been sent to the front line.

YPJ soldier Asadi Kamishloo, 22, gets her eyebrows plucked by a fellow soldier
a base in the Syrian town of Til Kocer. The female soldiers experience a
unique and close bond by living in close quarters, training
and fighting together.

Young recruits fix their hair at 4:30 a.m. before participating in training exercises near Derek City, Syria. 

Zilan Qamishlo (20) Kurdish Women Fighters of YPG: “The IS-Terrorists are afraid of us women”

Zilan Qamishlo (20) holds the heavy machine gun firmly 
clasped, while the pick-up truck rumbles over the untarred street. Zilan 
is a MG-shooter. She stands on the Load area of the ATV on which the 
powerful Russian weapon is planted. The young woman is alert, while the 
pick-up patrolling the streets on the outskirts of the village. She’s 
always ready to fire the heavy machine gun and to hunt a hail of bullets
of calibre 14.5 mm in the direction of the enemy. The enemy is only 5 
kilometres away and he’s an intensely dangerous opponent who knows no 
mercy - Terrorists who killed thousands of people, rape, enslave & 

Zilan is fighting for 8 months as a YPG/YPJ fighter against 
ISIS. Her units fought in early August a corridor free, which 
thousands of Yezidis could flee from ISIS in Shingal.

“We fight to defend ourselves against ISIS. And we have made it on our own,” she says
after she jumped with a mighty leap from the load area of the pick-up. 
Truck parked right next to a high stone wall - a perfect 
view-protection , to not be immediately discovered by the ISIS 

In the tan house immediately beside the wall Zilan 
and the others from her YPJ group have arranged their base. In one room 
are ammo crates, an old Russian machine gun, a Russian anti-tank tube 
including a plurality of projectiles. In the room next door the 
mattresses on which
the fighters sleep at night are laid out.

group is stationed in the village Harek, about 25 kilometres from 
Qamishli, the largest city in Western Kurdistan (Kurdish Region in 
Northern Syria). Only a few hills lying between Kurdish 
fighters and
Terrorists. Many YPJ-fighters carry extra ammo or small grenades with 
them to kill themselves, before they fall alive into the hands of the 
Terrorists. “I will simply fight doggedly and do 
everything, so that
I will not be captured, “says Zilan. Isn’t she afraid? “We are not 
afraid,” asserts the 20-year-old with a firm voice. And then she adds: 
“The ISIS Terrorists are afraid of us. They believe not to come to 
paradise when they are killed by a woman. According to their attitude, 
women should not go out and not participate in life. We fight as women 
also because we want to show that we aren’t slaves “

And her 
comrades agree to it. They sit with their Kalashnikovs between the trees
outside the house. Meticulously they check their weapons. Almost all of
the group are Kurds, but also an Arab is among the YPJ-fighters.

"ISIS wants to enslave us - We resist,"says Zilan. "We continue this fight until the last drop of blood."

YPJ soldiers cheer and display the peace sign at the sight of trucks 
carrying refugees from Mount Sinjar reaching safety in Til Kocer, Syria.

Jin, left, a YPJ soldier, shares an intimate moment with her mother, 
Amina, at their home in Girke Lege, Syria. Although she lives at a base 
nearby, Jin had not seen her mother in over a month because of the 
highly demanding YPJ military schedule.

Dressed in pink, a young YPJ recruit arrives for her first day at a training base near Derek City, Syria.

YPJ soldiers carry the casket of Evrim, a female soldier who died while 
fighting ISIS militants, during her funeral in Derek City, Syria. 

About 24 soldiers from the YPJ and the YPG, a men's unit, were buried 
during the month of August in this cemetery. Family members consider it
an enormous honor when their children are killed in combat, calling the
soldiers "Sehid" which means "marytr" in Kurdish. A popular saying in 
the community is "Sehid na merin," which means "The martyr will never 

Nuhad Kocer, 29, sits at a YPJ military base in Til Kocer, Syria. 
Beside her is "Azadi the doll," named after YPJ soldier Azadi Ristem,
pictured in the photo frame at left, who was killed by a sniper from the
al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

Young recruits participate in dawn exercises and drills near Derek City, Syria. 

YPJ soldier Narlene, 20, puts a scarf around her face at an abandoned Iraqi Army post on the outskirts of Raabia, Syria.

Most of the YPJ soldiers are unmarried and have chosen to dedicate 
themselves to the struggle, adopting practices of discipline, training, 
austerity, charity and, most importantly, "Haval," their motto, which 
means "friendship" in the Kurdish language. 

Those who fight range in age from 18 to 24, but there are recruits as young as 12 who cook, do 
chores and train alongside their elders.

YPJ recruits participate in drills at dawn near Derek City in Rojava, 
the Kurdish area of Syria. The schedule is demanding and requires 
discipline: new soldiers in training get about 6 hours of sleep a night 
and wake up at 4 a.m; their day consists of a full schedule of 
drills and classroom lessons. 

Before joining the YPJ, many of the girls had never participated in physical activity or sports.

YPJ-fighter: "we take no prisoners, we ELIMINATE THEM because they could have a bomb and blow us up along with themselves"


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