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måndag 20 oktober 2014

Kobane can be starting point to unite Kurds

Kobane can be starting point to unite Kurds.
Kurds have long history of difference for a common problem that they have faced. 

Kurds differences had started since their land has been divided in the end of War World One when Kurdistan was divided between four centuries in the Medill East which are Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Since then Kurds have been struggling to establish a country to call Kurdistan, but all the movement where more become known as local movement rather to be one united and to have one leadership, but instead each part have been having one on their own. Never then before Kurds have became united especially after ISIS came and targeted Kurds in the whole region without exception. Kobane may be a starting point to be united for several good reasons.

After a century of scarifying from Kurds to have a place call their home politically and internationally, it seems the results never been equals comers to the victims and success because their movement never been united despite of the common goal in all

the parts that have been occupied. During the past century there has been a suitable times that Kurds were able to make different decision but that never happened and always depended to the informal promises especially in Southern Kurdistan which is now (Iraqi Kurdistan). 

Today more than any other time in a history of Kurd once again the region environment is in their favor if Kurds work in their united and Kobane is the best example. Kurds have been divided ideologically which is quite normal like any other nation in the region. Some movement are allied with western and some other are allied with East and to good example are there Kurds from Iraq are with Western and Kurdish movement in Turkey and Syria are most likely with East ideology but the problem here is as result of their ideological strategies they became a victim between these two ideologies moreover then the agenda of the neighboring countries. This is how Kurds get lost and under a huge pressure to obey the agenda from outside of their interest. 

Kobane and Southern Kurdistan now have proved that Kurds are able to define themselves with little help from allied. It is clear for all the world the real partners for west or even east to defeat the biggest terrorist organization are Kurd in the ground and this has been proven in Kobane. Kurds were able to defeat ISIS and keep straggle to not let Kobane to fall even with very little of weapon compare to ISIS because ISIS has had a weapon that was much more in amount and more but still Kobane worriers were very bravely defined their town. In the other hand despite the international community was already aware that Kurds were victims for so long among the countries that have occupied Kurdistan but today is more clear because none of the countries in the region did not even condemn the ISIS action genocide against Kurds especially to Yezidi Kurds religion minority and more than a month war in Kobane. International Community was not able to be more patient in front of what was happening against Kurds and therefore they came with a decision to help Kurds.

For the above reasons and much more today is golden time for Kurds to come together and to forget about their differences. We have an expression in Kurdish say “who help is your brother” today west is helping Kurds, this is politic everyone looks after their own interest but today Kurds can get advantage of this improved relationships. Kurds have a suitable time to work together and Kobane is the best example of this reality.
Aram Duhoki, the editor of the Kurdish monthly magazine (Pengav) means (Step) it is a month magazine in Kurdish and English. Duhoki, is contribution writer for You can read magazine (Pengav) at:  

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