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måndag 20 oktober 2014

Islamic religion is a woman's greatest enemy

Islamic religion is a woman's greatest enemy.
Those who tend to attack women in Iran may be Iranian intelligence behind acid attack aganist  girls in tehran and asfehan.
 In recent weeks, at least four women were attacked by receiving acid thrown in her face by Basiji bikers in the city of Isfahan in Iran. 

The women who have been attacked not carried their mandatory hijab in a sufficiently comprehensive manner and that the attacks would have been a punishment from religious extremists. Islam and the Islamists' success, since the Prophet Muhammad started a holy war against humanity, was that in a cruel and inhumane way to set an example. Cruelty is the highest degree that the cut throat, stoning to death, mutilation, corporal punishment, oxygen yield in the face of women ect ect. Whether this is in the Quran / Hadith or not, deny the Islamists and their left / right-wing supporters connection to Islam and says that this has to do with Islam. Ps. After Islamists occupied Iran in 1979, introduced compulsory hijab for women.

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