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torsdag 26 november 2015

Armenia Must Liberate its Western Territories, Says Russian Politician

Armenia Must Liberate its Western Territories, Says Russian Politician.

The head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir 
Zhirinovsky, announced during an episode of “Evening with Vladimir 
Solovyov” on Russia 1TV that Armenians must be allowed to liberate their
western territories.
Zhirinovsky said that, “Armenians could do that in 1918 if Moscow supported them, but it [Moscow] was on the Turkish side.”


“If we allow Armenians to liberate their western territories, they will be glad to do that,” he said.

Zhirinovsky also talked about supporting the Kurds.

“Kurds expect our support. If we tell the Kurds that we recognize 
their independence, their population reaches, as we know, to 20 million,
and the capital is already known, it is Diyarbakır. Hence, Eastern 
Anatolia will cease to exist in the form we know. As a result, there 
will be independent Kurdistan and Great Armenia,” he said.


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