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fredag 13 november 2015

We congratulate the Kurdish people

Iraqi Kurdish Forces Declare Success In Ousting ISIS From Sinjar
We congratulate the Kurdish people
Today Kurdish forces have done a good job. Kurdish forces took over lots strategic locations in close mousle. YPG, guerrilla and peshmerga together liberated all Shingal from Islamic terrorists. many of isis members have been arrested,
many to be killed by the peshmerga, YPG and ypje and guerrilla
New York Times
SINJAR, Iraq — Kurdish and Yazidi fighters retook Sinjar on Friday morning, on the second day of a major offensive to reclaim this city in northern Iraq, which has been under the brutal domination of the Islamic State for more than 15 months.

The Globe and Mail
Three Turkish soldiers were killed on Friday in the mainly Kurdish southeast of the country, the latest casualties in a tide of violence engulfing the region since the breakdown of a ceasefire between security forces and militants in July. Two of the ...
Kurdish forces along with U.S. air power ended the occupation that had lasted 15 months. Linda Wertheimer talks to the AP's Susannah George about the Iraqi town which is key in the ISIS supply line.
International New York Times
With a little help from the United States. Patrick Chappatte is an editorial cartoonist for The International New York Times. View more of his work, visit his website or follow him on Twitter. Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook and ...

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